New US Census Bureau Figures Highlight Urgent Need for European Ethnostate

New figures from the US Census Bureau have highlighted the dramatic demographic threat to the future existence of European Americans and underlined the urgent necessity for the creation of a European ethnostate.

The new figures, contained in a US Census Bureau report titled “International Migration is Projected to Become Primary Driver of U.S. Population Growth for First Time in Nearly Two Centuries” said that white, non-Hispanic children will no longer make up the majority of America’s youth in just five years’ time.

The report said that “international migration is projected to surpass natural increase (births minus deaths) as the principal driver of U.S. population growth by the middle of this century. . . This scenario would mark the first time that natural increase was not the leading cause of population increase since at least 1850.”

The report predicts that the non-white population — defined as “all people except for those that are non-Hispanic, single-race white” (in other words, which include Middle Easterners and Arabs—which means that real European numbers are even lower than these official figures)  — would climb from 37 percent of the total in 2012 to 58.8 percent in 2060.

The report’s other “highlights” included:

-The latest projected date for when the U.S. population would become majority-nonwhite is 2046, or just 33 years from now.

– The population under 18 years is projected to become majority-nonwhite by 2018.

– The “working-age population” is projected to become majority-nowhite by 2036.

– The percentage of the population 65 and older will become majority non-white by 2060.

An earlier US Census Bureau report, titled “Most Children Younger Than Age 1 are Minorities,” revealed that  50.4 percent of America’s population younger than age 1 were minorities as of July 1, 2011. This is up from 49.5 percent from the 2010 Census taken April 1, 2010.

In addition, that report said, the population younger than age 5 was 49.7 percent non-white in 2011, up from 49.0 percent in 2010.

All of these figures imply an exponential increase which will speed up dramatically within the next ten years.

The rapid change in American demographics is set to affect every single facet of that society.

The examples of Detroit, Gary (Indiana), Los Angeles and numerous other major cities which are already majority nonwhite, spell out with clinical detail the future of America.


Above: The interior ruins of Michigan Central Station, Detroit.

The only hope for any sort of European-American survival now depends exclusively upon the creation of a European ethnostate, as outlined in the book Nova Europa.

Work to create the seed of such a state must start now. The Census Bureau figures show that time is of the essence.

The first step in this process is the recruitment of people to the idea.

Those who already understand this must now help with its propagation so that it can be formalized as soon as possible.

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  1. The establishment of a WHITES only ethno-state should be made an absolute imperative.Integration is a form of subtle genocide and this predilection for integration must be annihilated.It would seem that North America, Australia/New Zealand and all of Western Europe and Northern Europe,at least in the form of political assertions,wants its successful populations to be diluted,ethnically and culturally,by counter western trash immigrants from failed countries who contribute very little,if anything,to the development of their “adopted” countries.The time to reverse this Rot is now.I fully support the establishment of a WHITES ONLY jurisdiction which permanently excludes all others, for it is essential that the WHITE RACE and White people reassert themselves and take control of their destiny.

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