What is the Meaning of the French Presidential Election?

France’s Front National candidate Marine le Pen won at least 40 percent of the white vote in yesterday’s second round presidential election, a remarkable achievement by itself, but not enough to beat a coalition of conservatives, liberals, and communists who have now formally committed France to racial demographic destruction.

Above: Macron supporters celebrate in Paris, May 7, 2017.

As expected, the winning candidate, Emmanuel Macron—a long time Socialist Party member who resigned from that party in 2016 to pretend to be a centrist—easily won the second round, polling 20,753,797 votes, up substantially from his first round tally of 8,656,346 votes.

Le Pen polled 10,644,118 votes, also up from her first round tally of 7,678,491 votes. (In 2012, she polled 6,421,426 votes in the first round of that year’s presidential elections, coming third.)

The 31,397,915 votes cast in the second round total vote was down from the 36,054,394 cast in the first round, an indication of a large stay-at-home vote by the far left, angry that their candidate had not made it through to the second round.

However, the breakdown of Macron’s vote by race provides the best indication of how the election played out. It is estimated—and it is only an estimation, because French law forbids the collecting or publication of any statistics regarding racial origin of its citizens, that the number of nonwhites who voted for Macron is of the order of four million.

This number is arrived at by calculating the current estimated resident nonwhite population with French citizenship, and adding to that number the nonwhites who are also French citizens in the overseas territories French Guiana, Martinique, and French Polynesia, almost all of whom would have voted for Macron.

 This means that of Macron’s 20,753,797 votes, at least four million—and likely more—came from nonwhites of varying hues within France. This can be seen especially in nonwhite-overrun Paris, for example, which voted 75 percent in favor of the winning candidate.

This puts Le Pen’s 10.6 million votes into perspective, as it means that she polled around 40 percent of the white vote. This is an unprecedented achievement in France, which has long had a reputation as being one of the most left-wing dominated nations of Western Europe.

This achievement aside, the outcome of the election does however mean that France will continue its policies of importing nonwhites through officially encouraged legal and illegal immigration, and that the racial demographic balance can be expected to continue swinging against white French people.

This also means that the chances of a democratic-based revival of European France will grow less and less with each passing day. It is time, therefore, for racially-aware white French people to grasp what this election result means, and start making alternative plans—which must, perforce, include helping to physically create a European ethnostate in a new territory.

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  1. A crying shame, an almost unbearable loss. I feel for the French patriots. England is much the same, over run with sub-Saharan Africans and the like .

  2. For our cause, it is actually good that this puppet Macron got elected. It is good because, as Guillaume Faye has said many times, only when pressed with their backs to the wall the French will revolt. Now, despite quite amazing and positive statistics showing that almost half of young voters voted for Le Pen, the French as a white nation is not yet at the point where enough whites awaken to quit their domesticated existence and retake their nation from the third-worlders and their handlers in the UN and EU headquarters, also add Soros types here. Situation will continue to deteriorate, but it’s good because in this case, the worse is the better. Decaying will wake up more whites. Sure third-worlders will also increase in number, but it does not matter. We need more than 50% of whites to join our ranks or to at least understand the existential threat and become sympathetic to our European patriotic cause. As Arthur Kemp said, Europeans are indigenous peoples of Europe, and he also said that not all whites deserve to be saved. We have to wait when we have the numbers and when we reach this point, the point when the whites revolt, we will make Europe European again. It will be done through the civil war along ethnic and religious lines, where many self-hating and brainwashed whites will fight against us alongside third-worlders. We need to understand that, the fact that not all whites are our friends. But only through the civil war the situation can be changed, this ongoing occupation of Europe by the third-world can be stopped and Europe can be made European again, in the spirit of Charles Martel. Le Pen lost in this election, but our numbers increase – this is what’s important. If she won, the corrupt bureaucratic system domesticated by the UN and EU and Soros types would have not allowed her to achieve anything much anyway, look what liberal courts do to Trump’s initiatives! So our position should be this – we need to focus on increasing our numbers, on waking up whites across Europe. on exposing anti-white agenda of globalists and their puppets on national levels. Our time will come. We cannot make it come faster, it will come naturally through the continuing deterioration, and despite it’s painful to watch this, we have to be patient. And we have to be prepared. This is what we have to focus on, across the white world, under attack.

  3. “which must, perforce, include helping to physically create a European ethnostate in a new territory.”

    Why would I give up my home country? I would rather die fighting for it than cowardly fleeing it and thereby letting the globalists win. See Vox Day’s take on the matter: the next election cycle will bring the Front National to power — and it’s likely that there will be war.

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