Farmers in South Africa’s North Cape Start Joining Orania Movement

According to a report broadcast by Radio Orania, the Afrikaner settlement’s own radio station, a number of farmers from the Northern Cape have just finished a formal visit to the town of Orania and have signed a formal agreement to incorporate their land into the project.

The Radio Orania report said that farmers have also agreed to throw their resources behind the Orania “Volkstaat” (“Volk state) project.


(Above: A Radio Orania broadcast)

“The discussions were characterized by a spirit of hearty co-operation and one of the farmer delegates remarked that it made him think of the old Boer proverb: Unity Makes Strength.

“Further details of the agreement must be worked out and finalised, but there is a feeling that the bilateral will exists to strive for something bigger and exists,” the radio station continued.

“There are indications that more famers are soon to join the movement and that the territory of Orania can be used as a growth point for an Afrikaner Volkstaat.”

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  1. This is wonderful, but what will you do to protect yourselves? I am an American and I hear of so many farmers being killed. What plans are there to protect the public in your city?

  2. Hi Adam,

    I’m not South African either, but I think the answer to your question is that it is very remote from other areas and the population is exclusively Afrikaner. The further out from the town you get, I guess the less safe it gets – but the majority population in this part of SA are the Cape Coloured people who are in the main peaceful.


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