Western Europeans Start Migration East

Western Europeans have already started migrating toward the eastern part of the continent in response to the nonwhite invasion, the Visegrád Post has revealed.

“Central Europe will soon become an El Dorado for Westerners who want to live the European way of life,” the newspaper said.


In an article titled “Is Hungary becoming an Eldorado for Westerners?” the Visegrád Post—a news source dedicated to providing unbiased news from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Balkans, said that “Central Europe will soon become an El Dorado for Westerners who want to live the European way of life.”

Referring to the fact that the central European nations have refused to commit collective racial suicide along with the western Europeans, the Visegrád Post pointed out that “for some time now, western and northern Europeans have chosen to migrate to Hungary.”

“Far from the image of underdeveloped country that some would like to give her, Hungary distinguishes herself in particular by her politics in favor of the people and the ambient climate of safety, which seduces western populations abandoned by their government,” the paper continued.

Increasing numbers of Germans, Belgians, French people, and others have already made the move, the paper says, adding that these people “have understood that after having spent their summers in crowded campsites near the Balaton lake, there are many who have made their favorite tourist destination their home.”

In Hungary, the paper adds, it is possible to buy a village house for €300 per square meter, “where one can enjoy a peaceful existence.”

It is also an area where it is possible to “create real communities” and where there is no solitude as long as the language does not frighten them.

“And if the real estate and everyday life prices are tempting for western Europeans, the ambient climate can be even more attractive.

“Hungary loves its European tradition and, contrary to what one can see in some other European countries, is proud of her identity and her culture.

“The inhabitants thrive there without being afraid of a terrorist attack, a norm that has become a dream,” the paper adds.

However, the article points out, in the near future, “Central Europe will have to intelligently manage these migrations,” because they do not wish to be overrun with the “cosmopolitan thinking” which dominates western Europe and which has had such “fatal effects.”

People who, the article says, chase “anything for a lifestyle where immediate pleasure is king and the future insignificant,” will have to be kept out.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more; the exodus will soon gather pace and whilst Hungary is an option for us (we’re getting on) the young might think Russia. The 21st Century will be the Russian Century.

  2. So that’s how the real unification of Europe – so hated and feared by the supporters of “multiculturalism” or immigration from the Third World – can happen: through the immigration of people from the part of Europe called “Western Europe” to the part called “Eastern Europe.” “Western Europe” and “Eastern Europe” are, in fact, Cold War terms, “Eastern Europe” being a derogatory one. Yet although the Cold War ended some quarter of century back, the terms have been stubbornly used in the media in Britain, France, Germany and the like. And also particularly adamantly in the US. Maybe along with the immigration these divisive terms will get dropped from use and all of us will call ourselves simply “Europeans”? And we will really SEE ourselves as such. Maybe the seeing will involve getting rid of the feeling of (racial?) superiority by those who consider themselves “Western Europeans” towards those whom they consider “Eastern Europeans”? We had better do it if we really want Europe to live on.

  3. Russia? I am Russian. Russia is officially 6.5% Muslim, but if you add all those migrant workers and illegals, some estimates suggest it’s about 12% Muslim.

    Demographically, Muslims add a very large number of their own each and every year, and they become more and more ethnically and religiously conscious.

    Within a few years, the Russian Army will comprise more Muslim soldiers who are Russian citizens (but of course not ethnically Russians). Even during his “Ukrainian campaign”, Putin used Chechen Muslim battalions and Asiatic Buryat tank brigade to kill Ukrainians who are of course white Europeans.

    Putin has thrown a leader of Russian national patriots in jail not that long ago and basically destroyed Russian nationalist movement. Putin’s personal guard comprises Chechen Muslims and their leader Ramzan Kadyrov is one of Putin’s best and most trusted friends.

    Friends, please do not be fooled. Putin is not a friend of whites, his courts throw lots of national patriots in jail for “inflaming national hatred” (for being “racist”, it means) such as writing a comment in a blog critical of third-worlders and Muslims.

    1. If I were Russian, I would feel the same way about the measures that you mention. But the bigger issue is that Russians need to start having an adequate number of children again. Currently, they are not even at replacement level, and are not that close to replacement level,

      Russians, like all white people and closely related kindred peoples, cannot survive and thrive if they do not have substantially more than two children per woman.

      Even if Putin sent all the guest workers and other noncitizen Muslims back home, the existing Muslim population of Russia would continue to grow as a percentage of the population because ethnic Russians are allowing themselves to die out. No law can substitute for having enough young people to fight and defend and occupy territory, claim water and minerals and other resources, and protect the old, handicapped, and infirm among your people.

    2. Dear Pavel

      Putin is pro-Russia [not pro-Europe] including the non European element of Russia which is intrinsic to Russia. If he were to be pro European Russia only, then this would cause a great deal of problem to him and the Russian Federation, as most of the Federation is on non European soil. It would leave Russia open to attack from the East, whilst the Zionist controlled Western Europeans nations are wanting to enclose Russia from the West.

      Putin understands that European Russia’s destiny is tied in with the non European East and not with Western Europe.
      To some extent Orthodoxy has a role to play in this.

      Oh by the way Ramzan Kadyrov is of European phenotype, perhaps more European than some ethnic Russians.


      A non European Muslim.

  4. The Europeans should fight against invaders, not run away. That would only delay their death. After conquering Western countries invaders will go after East Europe too. Invaders have low intelligence and are less in number (for now) and dont have military power, so whites must use the weapons and intelligence against invaders, now. German Nazis were very powerful and they were defeated. First Europeans and Canada and USA should start attacking all countries that are supporting mass immigration because they are enemies of white race. Many “brown” countries are trying to help immigrants to have open borders” everywhere. Just read what Presidents of each country say and you will know which ones are enemies of whites.

    1. Um, the governments of the USA, Canada, and most of Europe ARE active enemies of their own white citizens, already.

  5. Oui l’europe de l’est est une option interessante, mais la langue Hongroise, difficile!! Abandonner la France est un crime, mais la competition multiculturelle et le président Macron nous rendent très pessimiste sur la France.

  6. Dear Nova Europa Project! Dear Western European friends!

    I’ve read with horror what happens in recent years with so many Boer farmers in South Africa, and the innocent people in Sweden, and in the whole Western Europe! Hungary would welcome to You all, when You could move to here. An overall, Hungarian people like Anglo-Saxon nations and their white culture. In this country live many German and Dutch people, who continuously move to here from Western Europe since 2015, when started the migrant crisis. Well, they became the real refugees.

    In Middle Europe, there are a lot of Bavarian-German descendants from previous centuries, who became a large national minority. However, it was obligatory taught German or English as a foreign language in the Middle East European schools. As I know, Boers are in relationship with Anglo-Saxon nations, mostly for example with Dutch people; therefore Hungary could be their new home too.

    Western European people could contact with Dutch and German people living here, and could inform about this life here. I would like to help you all, but I haven’t any connection with these people (who are living here) and support organizations yet. Nonetheless, I can recommend for You just one family house.

    Our family has a great property in a quiet town with agricultural character, which is for sale. I have a detailed description in English and German language with many photos, which I could send the interested Anglo-Saxon people by this email address:

    k.janos.432.st@gmail.com .

    I could help for one or two families by selling of our two generations real estate. Although, for us there is never mind, who would buy our house, but(!) we offer this property by Christian duty first time for the Boers, whose life is in serious danger and they are now in urgent need.

    I’m going to write some comments also on other posts of this website and another Boer affiliation sites, then I’ll wait for the inquiring messages in e-mail, after the contact even by telephone or Skype. /In case of serious intent, everything will be only a question of detail. The surrounding settlements have a few lawyers and attorneys, who speak English, German, or even Dutch./

    So, if You are interested in this, please send me an e-mail according to the above.
    Glory to the people of goodwill! God protect the European white people, and God save the Boers!

    Tompa town (30 km West from Ásotthalom town),
    Hungary, 06.11.2017.

  7. Whites once again, are transforming themselves into bands of Nomads, instead of standing-up and fighting for what is rightfully theirs.
    What is it about our race, in that we so quickly throw our hands-up, accept the browning of our beloved home, turn-tail and run for safety…? Yeah, we piss-moan about it together, but will NOT band-together to fight it, but instead will band-together to run from it. We do it here in the United States of America too, so don’t think I’m picking on Europe. It’s a novelty of Whites, Christian Whites to be specific, always accepting of whatever our rogue globalist governments do to us.
    What is the solution…? Honestly, I don’t have a sure-fire solution, but I do know it has a lot to do with who is seated in power, not just the top-spot of nations, but the low-level, local governments who are readily involved in this “browning” of White Christian nations. Working our way up from the bottom of government is a good start in changing minds, putting into local government minds who are pro-White is the 1st step. Browning is not going to stop overnight, may take a few election cycles, but replacing these lower levels of government is a big step in the right direction.
    The USofA got lucky with a Trump Presidency in 2016, and having a non-globalist seated at the top, who is a FIGHTER is a huge win for Whites. Our country is going through some harsh transitions right now, and there’s stiff push-back from the globalists, but we’re at least pointed in the right direction. More and more lower-level elections are going the way of a non-globalist mind, and this is vital for our President to be successful.
    Good Luck Europe, I still have confidence in all of you.

    1. If you wrote in dec 2017 that the USA is heading in the right direction because we have trump in the White House, you must not be paying attention. The demographic and cultural displacement of white Americans has continued under trump, because massive LEGAL nonwhite immigration has continued unabated — most alarmingly by Africans, Muslims of various backgrounds, low-trust dishonest Indians, and amoral ruthless Chinese.

      It has been a full year since you made your pie-in-the-sky assessment. Care to reconsider, brother? Hope our children can find and protect each other wherever they have to flee, I.e. inland and rural America, Eastern Europe, and Russia.

  8. Those Eastern European countries should NEVER grant citizenship and voting rights to those white refugees. Otherwise, some of the suicidal thickheaded fools may vote for their new homes to be invaded and destroyed by Muslims and Africans just like their old homes,

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