First Nova Europa Project Launched in Britain

The first –of hopefully many–Nova Europa projects has been announced in Britain on the Western Spring website.


In an article written by Max Musson, called the “The Bugle Call,” the plans are outlined as follows:

It should be evident to all thinking nationalists by now, that the traditional electoral route to salvation for our people has now been made utterly redundant by the dire conditions that have been created in this country.

That route has been made redundant because our enemies have made such advances over the last 100 years or more that in every sphere and at every level of our society there is now entrenched opposition, not just to the policies of British nationalism, but to the very values underpinning our belief system. In short, our entire culture has been poisoned against us and to such an extent that many of our own people view the looming extinction of our kind with complete indifference, if not actual joyous anticipation.

Anyone who still clings to the belief that a nationalist party campaigning within the existing political system can win power within the available window of opportunity, before demographic changes have rendered us a minority in our own land, is clearly in denial and/or deluded.

The forty-plus failed nationalist political parties that have come and gone over the last one-hundred and twenty year period, and the descent in recent years of the BNP into chaos and corruption should be proof enough for anyone that we must now try something different.

Thankfully, as I have alluded to on several occasions already, we at Western Spring have identified strategies that can still save our people and create the conditions whereby the future survival of our people can be assured, and today I share with you the first of these strategies.

At present our people and even those who have already embraced nationalism and who are attempting to resist the alien invasion of our homeland, are in total disarray and are scattered to the four winds. We are like the troops of a defeated army that has been routed in battle and if we remain in this state we will be easy pickings for our enemies and we will be impotent in our attempts to resist further setbacks.

This article is the bugle call that you have been waiting for and it is a call for us to rally together and to end once and for all the dispersal and the scattered condition that has made us so weak in the past.

We can only begin to recover from the defeats we have suffered to date if we gather together in sufficient concentrations such that we can begin to dominate the cultural life of our people within specific localised areas.

Arthur Kemp has outlined in his recently published new book, ‘Nova Europa’ just how essential it is that we European peoples strive to create exclusive White homelands and this strategy beginning with the first cluster of many White enclaves that we intend to create across Britain, will form the basis for just such a homeland here in Britain.

Some people view this strategy as the acceptance of defeat and our acceptance of the status of a defeated people living in ‘reservations’ like the Red Indians of North America, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The future development of these enclaves very much depends upon us and how determined we are to see them expand, coalesce and eventually evolve to form an autonomous ethno-state. If we approach this matter feebly making only half-hearted attempts to assert our right to exist then progress will be slow or completely absent, but if we are bold, assertive and courageous, and most especially, intelligent in the way that we approach this matter then we can succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

The creation of White enclaves will serve many purposes:

First, as already explained, they will create reservoirs of unsullied White people possessing unsullied White genes, and this alone will ensure the biological survival of our people until such a time when circumstances will favour our kind once more;

Second, they will create ‘cultural space’, that is, places where we will be able to determine and control the social and cultural environment. This is important as our people cannot live healthily and achieve our full potential living in an environment in which our enemies determine all of the cultural mores and norms and deny us any authentic form of folk or ethnic identity;

Third, they will provide places in which our people can enjoy physical safety, and job security, free from attack by agents of our enemies;

Fourth, they will serve as ‘show communities’ in the same way that show homes serve to demonstrate what a house builder intends to create. In this way our enclaves will stand out as examples of what the rest of Britain will be like once we achieve political power. Our enclaves will be ‘beacons of light’ within a grey and darkening Britain in decline; and

Lastly, they will become beachheads from which a new and revitalized British people will expand outwards until we recover the whole of these islands and regain our self-determination.

This then will not be a political struggle in the electoral sense, but a political struggle in a socio-biological sense, based upon an organic expansion that denies access to our ‘living space’ to outsiders and to our racial enemies.

Membership of our ‘new nation’ and therefore access to our living space will be dependent upon an individual’s state of ‘awakening’, i.e. embracing our political aims and our philosophical outlook.

We will be a nation of the ‘awakened ones’ and we will attract and win new members from among the indigenous British and other kindred European peoples, who constitute the ‘stock’ from among whom ‘awakened ones’ can be drawn.

As Britain descends into chaos and corruption as a result of continued mass immigration, many will ‘awaken’ and apply to join us, boosting our numbers and adding their land and their wealth to our living space, but we must be realistic and expect that others will never awaken and will be permanently lost to us through miscegenation and childlessness, and perhaps through racial violence at the hands of our enemies.

As Britain progressively declines, poverty will become prevalent and the quality of life will progressively diminish and this decline will over time serve to make our enclaves highly attractive to those living outside them. In the fullness of time therefore, there will be no shortage of people willing to embrace our political aims and our philosophical outlook, for ultimately their very survival will depend upon it.

In the short-term however, we need to make our enclaves a reality and if we are to attract more than just a few hundred dedicated White nationalists to this task, we must create a way of making life within our enclaves more attractive to prospective settlers than the lives they currently lead outside. This will take money and much skillful planning and to this end, we are drawing together a development team consisting of people with specialised skills and we are building up a network of sponsors many of whom are already donating considerable sums on a regular basis and a significant number of which are in a position to make substantial one-off financial donations to our cause.

We plan to buy land in and around the periphery of existing target settlements upon which we will build affordable housing that we will make available to approved settlers at cost price or at below cost price in situations in which their will be restrictive covenants to protect our interests. This will enable us to introduce significant numbers of new residents to these settlements, all of which will be militant White nationalists committed to our plan of creating exclusive White enclaves.

We will provide grants to White entrepreneurs so that they can create businesses within the enclaves to provide employment for our settlers, and we aim to acquire control of any existing businesses that have the potential to expand to provide further employment.

Our belief is that the prospect of subsidised and therefore inexpensive housing, coupled with the prospect of secure employment will provide sufficient attraction to draw in the numbers of settlers and initially pioneer settlers needed to make this project a success.

Some critics have suggested that when we establish enclaves, our enemies will attempt to frustrate our efforts, however we do not intend to accompany their establishment with a fanfare of publicity. Our strategy of stealth means that the creation of our enclaves will go unannounced and we will employ disinformation to draw the attention of our enemies away toward ‘decoy’ settlements in which we have no immediate interest.

Furthermore, as we intend eventually to create in excess of one-thousand enclaves, it will be almost impossible for our enemies to prevent any significant number of them from developing.

In terms of local politics, our aim within the enclaves is not to field overtly nationalist candidates. We will continue our practice of ‘entryism’ encouraging our settler members to join and take over the local branch of whichever political party holds office in the area comprising their enclave. Thus in a Labour dominated area for example, our members will all join the local Labour branch and in such numbers that we will be able to influence their choice of election candidates, and thereby secure as the local candidate, one of our people.

When elections come around, our members will obviously all vote for the candidate we have chosen and so will all of the ‘dyed-in-the-wool’, ‘Labour till I die’, Labour voters.

In this way our candidates will secure election as local, district and county councilors, nominally representing the establishment parties that have ruined this country, while covertly advancing our policies and serving the interests of our people.

As our members move into the settlements targeted as new enclaves, we will seek election to the boards of governors of the local schools, we will seek election to the parish councils, to residents’ associations, church committees and every conceivable body representing local people, with the aim of dominating every aspect of the social and cultural life of the area. In this way, we will be able to influence the way in which the national curriculum is taught in the local schools and we will be able to ensure that nothing of interest to ethnic minorities will ever take place locally and no support services will be provided to encourage their encroachment.

Ethnic minorities will not be attracted to our enclaves because there will be nothing for them. We will not need to physically exclude non-Whites nor establish any explicit rules forbidding them entry, the ‘Royston Vasey’ effect is all that will be required – “this is a local shop, for local people, there’s nothing for you here!”

Furthermore, by pooling their resources, our members within any enclave will be able to buy any properties that become vacant and in this way we will be able to control who is able to buy and own property there.

The creation of these enclaves will not be easy and they will not be established without great effort and without unforeseen problems occurring. However, the survival of our people depends upon us making them a success and the good news is that as we progress in this task we will through our actions, buy ourselves more time.

Through this strategy we do not need to wait until we have been elected before we can begin turning the tide, we can begin working immediately and with each enclave we establish, the point at which our people will become swamped and dispossessed will be progressively deferred and pushed further and further into the increasingly distant future , thus increasing the potential for us to finish building a new revitalised and militant British nation before the available time runs out.

What we need from our supporters at this time is for people to come forward who feel they have the qualities necessary to be a local community leader, i.e. to be one of the people entrusted with the responsibility of managing and directing the creation of one of our enclaves.

Successful candidates will need to by dynamic, self-motivated people with strong influencing skills. They will need to be determined, self-reliant, highly organized, have a high level of achievement drive.

Local community leaders will receive training and support and will be able to call upon our development team who will be available to help overcome any problems encountered.

These positions will be well remunerated, although applicants should view this opportunity as a vocation rather than a career. Your ambition should be to become one of the saviors of our nation and all other personal considerations should be sublimated to this end.

If you yearn to be more than just a witness to history, if you feel that you have untapped potential and wish to play your part as one of the saviors of our nation, then this is your bugle call. Please email your CV to me .

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  1. This is excellent news! I truly hope for the best for this new endeavor.
    May the seeds of White Britain’s restoration be sown!

  2. Best article i have read for years fills me with hope for my grandchildrens futures.Lets hope this project gets the support it requires and i hope i can be part of it.kind regards les

  3. This is one of the best articles I’ve seen on strategy in years, perhaps ever. Truly wonderful stuff, and should be read by every sincere white nationalist. And then read again.

    Of particular importance is avoiding media publicity, and I’m glad that this article emphasized that point. Stealth is king for this sort of thing, and we’ve got to break the habit of being publicity hounds. Some great things must, by their very nature, be done publicly (for example Golden Dawn, of which I’m a great admirer), but this isn’t one of them. Instead, quietly seed appropriate areas, slowly expanding them over time, while gradually freezing hostiles out, by which I mean both non-whites and traitorous whites. Word will get around eventually that something is going on “out there,” but by then it will be too late. We won’t have all of our eggs in one basket. With numerous enclaves, the target becomes amorphous and impossible to kill. Again, it’s just “out there.”

    In any event, we focus on the freeze out. After all, that’s pretty much how the non-whites ethnically cleanse our peoples. They move into an area and in effect freeze out the white population, often smiling as they do so. They open businesses and hire their own – fewer job opportunities for whites. They scoop up the housing – fewer shelter opportunities. As the white population starts to shrink, that ends up meaning fewer social opportunities. When a Bantu is behind the cashier stand instead of a pretty white girl, that’s one less opportunity to meet a mate, or even just enjoy some pleasant eye candy, which is one of the nicer things in day to day life. Instead, the scenery gets progressively uglier. Public parks and other spaces become transformed and alien. The white’s world shrinks, in dribs and drabs, but relentlessly.

    The complex web of human relationships and opportunities that constitute a real community are cut, torn and ultimately swept away. How many life changing opportunities present themselves to us initially in the form of a simple conversation or chance encounter? Whoever happened to be seated beside you in 9th grade math class can have tremendous effects on your life and relationships.

    As the non-whites pour in, these positive chance encounters start to dry up for our people, typically replaced by negative chance encounters. Every Jeantelle Shanique Jackson that I have to deal with is one less opportunity I have for something good to happen. Our extended family networks, and long standing relationships with friends of the family, also begin to wither, further shrinking our opportunities and benefits, and reducing the simple pleasures of life.

    Let’s turn the tables, expanding and strengthening our own web of community, while shrinking those of the invaders and traitors. Freeze them out. Freeze the media out too.

    One of the most important things about new enclaves is that they need to be financially sustainable. If they are just money pits, even wealthy benefactors will tire and lose heart over time. Instead, we need to develop economic models where supporters providing seed money have some realistic prospect of getting a good chunk of their money back, perhaps even turning a profit. While it’s understood that this is a calling rather than just a way to make a buck, it’s hard to expand and replicate when you’re broke. It’s also not fair to bleed benefactors dry.

    We figure that part out, then we can literally replicate it thousands of times, creating in effect a parallel white society, ultimately across all of the threatened white nations. The sky is the limit at that point.

    Once we have a parallel society at some sort of decent scale, then all the rules of the game change. Right now, they can shut most of us up with the threat of making us “google felons.” But what if we were immune to their economic sanctions? What if we were immune to their psychological sanctions, because instead of being isolated and alone, we knew that our actions in defense of our people would be rewarded and supported with higher status in real, physical communities? What if the guy who took a hard hit for the cause not only retained his job, but ended up with greater respect within the community, and perhaps even the love of a pretty woman, instead of becoming a jobless pariah?

    What if even the non-political, but not traitorous, white population came to gradually understand that pro-whites actually wielded power “out there,” and were in a position to help? Whites helping whites?

    That would be a total game changer. We absolutely need our own racial, social, cultural and economic space. Without that, we are helpless. But with that, we can reclaim our birthright and fulfill our destiny.

    In any event, while I would suggest that my British comrades across the pond perhaps overindulge in the use of “brilliant” as an adjective, it is entirely appropriate for this article. Absolutely brilliant, very well done.

  4. Very interesting initiative. I’ve thought about something like this for while now, and it is very encouraging to see that there are others willing to embark on a such a project. However, there are two issues with the approach taken that seem, to me, to have the potential of undermining the project. First, the lack of enforcement of “white-only” policies for the areas designated to be the target settling space. It is entirely possible that not all whites will be pushed out. In fact, it seems probable that some of them, especially those which have culturally assimilated and rely on social security will not feel any need to move out. Second, how will you ensure the racial purity of the applicants? Based only on phenotypical traits? The non-white admixture can be quite large in people who “look white”, thus completely destroying the whole point of the project. If anyone associated with the project gets to read this, an answer would be much appreciated!!

    Cheers from Portugal.

    1. SG1143, You raised one of the most important questions for a project like this and I would be happy to offer my input. Orania is a private town owned by Vluytjeskraal Aandeleblok company. As a private company or resident association, rules have been laid down as to what qualifications determine membership. Moreover, the land borders of this private company are legally defendable in a court of law within the host state. As long as private enterprise and the laws that protect private ownership remain in tact, any enforcement issues are settled. But this does raise an interesting point that hasn’t been quite addressed in the writings of Nove Europa. What happens if the host nation takes a socialist political course and no longer respects the rights of private enterprise? To its logical end nationhood needs to be established because like Liberia, the constitution of a nation can legally protect the qualifications for citizenship and still remain recognizable as a legal right to self determination under the United Nations.

  5. Look into the State of Idaho in the United States. I understand that there are many people there who have created enclaves without naming them as such, especially in the North. One thing about ‘Third World’ peoples — they tend not to like darkly forested places, or cold places, of places where they will be responsible for producing their own food and shelter. Alaska and northern Idaho come to mind. I’m going to check out northern Idaho this summer, as well as the area around Sheffield, England.

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