The Safest Town in Europe

While some of the municipalities of western Europe give their taxpayers’ money to nonwhite invaders, the Hungarian municipality of Ásotthalom—with the help of the government’s support—has instead equipped its local border guards with high-tech anti-invasion observation systems, the mayor of that town has announced.


Writing in a post on his Facebook page, Mayor László Toroczkai revealed the latest acquisition in his arsenal of border protection equipment: thermal cameras, which each cost a million Hungarian forints.

“We need them to see at night because the smugglers are also using modern technology—but at least here in Ásotthalom, they have no chance to pass the border,” the mayor wrote.

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In a review of the past year published in the Szegededma newspaper, Mayor Toroczkai added that as a result of the measures he and his council had implemented, he could “state that Ásotthalom is today not only the safest town in Hungary, but also in Europe.”

In 2015, Ásotthalom and the neighboring region became a major crossing point for the Angela Merkel-created mass nonwhite invasion of Europe.


As outlined earlier by the New Observer, it was as a result of the practical and political work undertaken by Mayor Toroczkai that the invasion of Hungary was ultimately stopped, and that the border fence was built.

Mayor Toroczkai told the Szegededma newspaper that Hungarian police, army units, and police units from the Slovak, Czech, and Polish border guards had been involved in halting the invasion and patrolling the fence.

“Public safety is now excellent,” he said, adding that even the farms which had been overrun and occupied by the criminal invaders had been fully brought back under control.

Although the border has now been fenced off, he reported that every day there are still attempts made by the illegal invaders to enter Hungary, but, thanks to the sophisticated equipment and 24-hour patrolling system, they are always arrested and immediately deported back over the border.

Although 2015 had mainly been taken up with protecting his town against the illegal invasion, there had been time to engage in development in Ásotthalom, he continued.

The town had, for example, completely cleared its debt inherited from the previous administration, increased the number of its vehicles, and built a large number of new roads and sidewalks.

“When I was first elected, I inherited a very difficult financial situation,” he told the newspaper. “There was a town debt of about 50 million forints, which has now been successfully paid off, so that this year we can say that every aspect of the local government shows only positive indicators,” he said.

In real terms this means that there has been about a 300 percent increase in available public funds. This has been used for many development projects, including the innovative increase of six hectares of arable land in the municipal area.


In addition, two minivans were acquired to provide social services such as school bus networks to the town’s outlying areas, a service which had always been sorely lacking in the widespread outlying areas.

In addition to this, local and national culture have not been neglected. Mayor Toroczkai oversaw the creation of a new and unique museum devoted to national Hungarian hero and freedom fighter Rózsa Sándor, who lived locally during his 30-year campaign for Hungarian independence.

Mayor Toroczkai also held what is to become an annual event, the Rózsa Sándor festival which celebrates Hungarian culture and drew thousands of tourists to the town, boosting the local economy.

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  1. We are First Nations of Europe and have a right to remain and continue as Europeans. Hungary is a model for others how to handle an unwanted invasion, armed or unarmed. Thank you Hungary! You are the light and you are the hope.

  2. God bless Mayor László Toroczkai and the people of Ásotthalom! The Mayor is
    a Hungarian Patriot with a “backbone”, that in most of the so called “leaders”of
    the Western-World are lacking. Once again, Hungary is protecting the West as
    they did for hundreds of years, in the past. God watch over and protect the brave
    border-guards, Hungarian, Czech, Slovák and Polish!

    Thank You!!!

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