Nova Europa – The Dawning of a New Vision!

By Max Musson.  At a time when many Europeans despair of any hope of our peoples regrouping and reorganising in time to secure our future survival, radical thinkers of our race have increasingly begun to think in terms of the creation of a homeland for exclusively White occupation and one man stands out as a pioneer of this idea and one who is not just a theoretician but someone who has been involved in the creation of an existing White homeland. That man is historian, writer and White nationalist activist, Arthur Kemp.


Mr Kemp has recently published a book he has written calling for the creation of further White homelands  that will be needed, even if only a fraction of our current European population is to survive long-term.

The book is entitled, “Nova Europa – European Survival Strategy in a darkening World and is published by Ostara Publications, ISBN 978-1-291-26360-2.

Although frequently dismissed by the mass media as a ‘white supremacist’, the author deliberately argues his case from a somewhat pro-diversity, politically correct stance so that none but the most nakedly anti-White racist can attempt to counter his logic.

In his introduction, Kemp begins by clearly identifying his target audience and by succinctly setting out his rationale in arguing in favour of the creation of a White homelands, he states: “This work is meant for those people of goodwill who can see, understand, and support the idea that it is worthwhile to preserve racial diversity on earth. Furthermore, it is directed to those people who can see and understand that, of all the different races on earth, only the European people are facing imminent extinction.

“The liberal establishment likes to talk about the ‘mass movement of peoples’ as some sort of modern universal phenomena, as if it is happening everywhere to everyone. Yet those observers who are honest, will concede that this ‘mass movement’ of people is exclusively one way: from nonwhite countries to white countries.”

“Given current demographic trends, European people will first become an outright minority in their own lands within the next thirty years. Thereafter, they will become a tiny minority, and shortly after that, will vanish completely under a flood of further immigration and miscegenation.”

Disarming those who might attempt to disparage the notion of a White homeland as ‘racist’, Kemp points out that because of the one-way nature of mass migration, “The European people are the ONLY ones who are threatened with extinction …

“There is no danger that the Indian people are going to disappear.

“There is no danger that the African people are going to disappear.

“There is no danger that the Chinese people are going to disappear.”

And the reason for this is that, “all the other people of the earth have homelands, or heartlands, where they can maintain their racial integrity and identity, no matter what else happens elsewhere in the world.”

“No matter how much the miscegenation process continues elsewhere, China will always be Chinese.

“Japan will always be Japanese.

“Africa will always be African.

“Why therefore, is there no European heartland, in which European people are a majority, and in which they have the inalienable right to maintain their racial identity and integrity?”

Kemp begins the first chapter of his book by re-asserting the ‘politically correct’ basis of his argument, stating “All nations, peoples, and cultures have an absolute right to existence … [and] … No one has the right to deny any other individual, people, race, or culture, the right to be who they are, and to maintain their distinct identity. The European people have a right to existence, just like any other people on earth.”

Kemp quite rightly concludes, “Anything less is simply anti-white racism.”

Continuing with his justification for the premise of his book and the need for a White homeland, Kemp sets out ‘What the Modern World Owes European Man’, stating, “Europe and European man is well worth preserving. In fact, without their collective contributions to science, art, technology, literature, and culture, much of the modern world would not even exist.

“European people gave the names by which most of the world is known. Africa, Asia, America, and Europe (of course) are all names which were first applied to those regions by Europeans, dating back to Roman times in the case of Africa and Asia. European people gave the modern world its form and appearance.

“It is no coincidence that the clothes which most of the world’s population wears, or to which they aspire, are European dress.

“Very few Africans, if they can help it, wear “traditional” African dress attire (which was either naked or basic animal skins); and very few Asians wear traditional Asian attire (kimonos and so on).

“Very few American Indians wear their traditional dress (which was also, certainly at the beginning of the Age of Exploration, naked or basic animal skins).

“All people on earth dress like Europeans, and not under order of any law or injunction: they do so out of a universal sense of aesthetics which is peculiarly European in origin.

“It is also no coincidence that most of the world uses the technology gifted to it by European people.

“Even the black supremacists, who openly abuse white people, use the Internet, electricity, and computer technology, given them by European people, to carry out their propaganda campaigns.

“They read and write books, using European script, and European printing, and use European-invented reading glasses when their eyes fail. They use European-invented microphones and electricity in their meetings, and gather in buildings only made possible because of European-invented building methods and materials.

“From the vast sweeps of Asia through to central Africa and South America, all peoples of the earth rely on European developed technology for many of their day-to-day living needs.

“If the objective reader considers all the modern conveniences with which the world is blessed—be they household electrical appliances, building materials, books, printing, clothing material making techniques, medicine, modern farming irrigation methods or indeed, almost anything one can think of which is needed in modern-day life—then it will be seen that all these things are European in origin.”

Having established the premise for White survival and the need for a White homeland in order to enable the European peoples to survive, Kemp goes on in the later chapters to examine two ‘case studies’, describing the principles employed in the creation of the Afrikaner nationalist Orania Project in South Africa (in which Kemp was at one time intimately involved) and also the modern state of Israel, and the tactics that were employed in making these ‘ethno-states’ a reality.

Returning to the matter of establishing a homeland for White survival, Kemp states, “The most difficult step in creating a European ethnostate is not the physical establishment of such a state; it is the gathering together of the political will to achieve that ideal.” To this end therefore, I would urge all readers and followers of Western Spring to avail themselves of a copy of Arthur Kemp’s book as the arguments set out are both compelling and incontrovertible.

In his conclusion, Kemp states, “There will, naturally, be the naysayers who argue that it is an impossible dream to create a European ethnostate. However, before anyone dismisses the concept out of hand, they would do well to come up with any real alternative.

“Given current political and demographic trends, it is clear that the democratic election option has already passed its racial tipping point in America, and many western European nations are not far behind.

“This means there is a tiny window, at best, for a democratically-driven reversal of the suicide of the West – and a wise man would do best to try and cover all the options, rather than putting all the eggs into one basket.

“It contributes little, and is easy, to shoot an idea down. It is less easy, however, to produce a viable alternative. Naysayers should bear this in mind, and even the most cynical will be forced to agree that there are no alternatives to geographic consolidation.

“The historical record is clear: those people who do not possess a territory in which they form the majority population, are doomed to extinction.

“Before dismissing the concept of a European ethnostate out of hand, one should rather consider the alternative: the total destruction of the European people, their civilization, and culture.

“Posited against that scenario of endless night, the idea of a European homeland seems quite viable, and indeed, the only alternative.”

Copies of Nova Europa are available from Ostara Publications at the very reasonable price of £6.95 per copy (plus shipping).

Original article at the Western Spring  website.

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  1. Where does God fit in to this scenario? It seems to me that Birth Control and Abortion are the Culprits here. As long as White births keep up with those of other races, there is no problem. Doesn’t have much to do with Homeland. If indeed we cannot or will not sustain population numbers, nothing will save us.

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