Orania Strikes Back at BBC Journalist

The Afrikaner renaissance is starting from its core in Orania, based on the traditional western principles of order, creativity, intellect, merit, and productivity, and has no need or desire to accept ANC or black majority rule, a leading businessman in that town has written in response to a typically biased article put out by a black journalist working for the BBC.


The article “Inside South Africa’s whites-only town of Orania,” by Pumza Fihlani, was a hodgepodge of half-truths and outright lies, designed to denigrate the attempts by the growing town to create a future for Afrikaners free of the shackles of the Third World.

It starts off by announcing that the “spirit of apartheid lives on” in the town, and then quickly descends into a deliberate series of misrepresentations, spelling errors and lies (some of which were so blatant that even the far-leftists who run the BBC have had to correct them.)

The article also quoted Orania bar owner and entrepreneur Quintin Diederichs—misspelling his name—as follows:

The owner, Quintin Diedericks, [sic] is well-travelled but became disillusioned with South Africa and moved to Orania with his wife, a beauty therapist, about four years ago. “It’s very safe here. We sleep with the doors unlocked. You can walk in the street at 3am without any fear. You don’t have that where you live,” he tells me.

He blames FW de Klerk, the last Afrikaner to rule South Africa, for the plight of his people.

“He gave away the country for nothing. We had the army,” he says and stops abruptly, beginning to shake his head.

In his response, published in the Vrye Afrikaner (“Free Afrikaner”) blog, Diederichs addressed himself directly to the journalist as follows:

Dear Pumza

I’m writing this letter in English even though I know that you speak fluent Afrikaans, unlike many who will read this letter, including your employers at the BBC.

During your stay in Orania, you and your colleagues from the BBC, including Zimbabwean journalist Stanley Kwenda, regularly dined at my restaurant. You were served by white people—Afrikaners to be more precise. I myself even served you and assisted my staff in washing your dishes while you were sipping drinks like a lady of leisure on my veranda.

You enjoyed exactly the same level of service that all my patrons, regardless of race, would receive. Yet, in your article titled Inside South Africa’s whites-only town of Orania published on the BBC website on 6 October 2014, you say that “the sprit of apartheid lives on” in Orania.

Hang on, come again?!

I find this statement completely absurd seeing that back in the day blacks, like Stanley and yourself, weren’t even allowed to use the same entrances, buses, benches etc. than whites, let alone getting served alcohol and food by whites in white owned restaurants. In fact, had apartheid lived on in Orania as you claim it does, you wouldn’t even have been allowed to set foot in my restaurant as a client.

You wouldn’t have been allowed to stay at the hotel you did, nor use the bathrooms you did for that matter. But according to what you wrote in your article, apartheid lives on in Orania. Bizarre.

You go on to say that you didn’t see any other black people in town. Did the Karoo sun blind you perhaps? We see and serve black and coloured people every day in Orania. They use our services and labour, exactly as you did.

Seeing that you clearly can’t be accused of being a guardian of the truth, I would like to share a simple truth with you. In the 4 years that I’ve lived in Orania I have never witnessed racial intolerance or violence, while in sharp contrast, I nearly grew accustomed to it in Gauteng—coming from both sides of the fence.

If you wanted to write an article on racism, you could’ve saved the BBC a lot of money by simply heading down to any of the hundreds of “black only” illegal shebeens littered across Joburg and asked the punters there what they think about the Afrikaners.

In your article you refer to both “Mr. Boshoff Sr.” and “Mr. Verwoerd”. Either you didn’t research these individuals or you deliberately refused to use their correct titles of Prof. and Dr. respectively.

Suffice to say that Prof. Boshoff, one of Orania’s founding fathers, was a missionary in Soweto during the heyday of apartheid and Dr. Verwoerd, the so called architect of apartheid, was the first white leader in Africa’s history to give black people fertile land of their own to govern as they deem fit, to build schools, universities and hospitals for black people and even invest millions (literally) of white tax payer money in black business and enterprise.

You say that Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) was introduced to encourage more black participation in business. It’s obvious that you’re trying to make BEE sound like a noble cause to your western audience, while in fact it is nothing more than a racist and biased scheme privileging a select few black “tenderpreneurs” and costing South Africa billions in loss in revenue since it has been introduced by the largely corrupt ANC government.

Listen, I’m an entrepreneur. I own many successful businesses that I started from scratch. I say that one doesn’t need to be empowered to participate in business, one must simply get an idea then go out and buy something for a rand and sell it for two. This in itself is encouragement enough.

No wonder why the vast majority of BEE and state run projects have failed so miserably or have become so totally corrupt and stripped of cash flow that the state, itself completely inept in running its own affairs, has to bail them out with tax payer money year after year.

Yet you criticize Dr. Verwoerd’s policies, which resulted in an average GDP growth rate of nearly 7%, while unemployment (black and white) was down to only 3%. Currently South Africa’s GDP growth rate stands at under 2% and unemployment stands at 25%. These are facts you simply cannot swindle your readers out of.

There’s no denying that you’re an intelligent woman. It just baffles me that you haven’t asked yourself how a nation can ever create sustained wealth and success if it relies on the state to constantly empower it by taking from a minority in the hope of the majority accomplishing something. The results are so poor because the racially defined socialist system by which South Africa is governed is all wrong.

The ANC has ruled South Africa for 20 years now. You state that South Africa is considered to be one of the most violent societies in the world, with one of the highest murder rates. This is factually correct. Also factually correct is that the ANC is democratically elected by your people, i.e. the black majority.

No wonder why Afrikaners like myself have become disillusioned with your country. Less than 1% of Afrikaners vote for the ANC. We’re a small minority that is entirely capable of running our own affairs, as demonstrated by the above-mentioned statistics of the Verwoerd-era and current growth in Orania. We clearly do not want, nor need your government to run our society.

It therefore comes as no surprise to me that more and more Afrikaners want out of your New South Africa and take up the call of Orania: our own land, our own labour and own rule. Don’t blame us for not wanting to dance with your nation, blame the system you so highly rate, you struggled for and obviously identify with. In the end, we’ll dance with whom we wish.

You and I discussed journalist integrity, objectivity and the media’s responsibility to uphold the truth. Your article is strewn with false information and subjective stereotyping, despite us having invited you in and making you part of our conversations. You joked and laughed with us, the whole time being fully aware of your intention to brand us according to your fallacious image of the Afrikaner.

The Afrikaner renaissance is just getting started from its core in Orania. It is based on principles of order, creativity, intellect, merit and productivity—those traditional western values that we in Orania uphold and out of which the modern free market economy and fundamental liberty was born. Had these concepts not been foreign to you, as they seem to be to so many of your fellow South Africans, you would’ve recognised them in Orania as they are in plain sight for all to see. Your article is proof that you are simply trained to think in terms of black and white—nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t expect my hospitality ever again. You being black has nothing to do with it, rather the fact that you are a sensationalist journalist that gets a kick out of spreading your misrepresented and flawed views to the world from your wee little desk at the BBC. The shame, it seems, is on you.


Quintin Diederichs

Ps. Note the correct spelling of the above.


A slightly more objective journalist’s report on Orania, this time from The Australian, can be found here.

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  1. It’s the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, one should expect no better. They were probably hoping that their black journalists would meet with hostility and when that didn’t happen ( and it was never going to happen as we are talking about civilised, tolerant and polite white people) they were loathe to drop the story that they had already concocted re ‘apartheid lives on in Orania’. The truth is, Pumza and her middle class black buddies earn their livings courtesy of supposed ‘victimhood’ and this is a trump card that they will not be relinquishing any time soon. Nonetheless, I am still disappointed that she could not give a ‘true’ account of her visit and the hospitality that she was pleased to take.

  2. Great article and hooray for Quentin Diederichs who defends the Afrikaners better than their last PM, de Klerk and he is right! In the history of the world, there are traitors to their kind and de Klerk was one without a doubt!
    That BBC journalist was treated better in Orania than the ANC or Muslims, etc would ever treat a journalist whom they knew would be critical of them! That is the problem and why the whites lost with de Klerk being a perfect example!

  3. This article is funny, BBC is funny, the hosted Julius Malema last year who on BBC said blacks just want 51% of everything they own just because.

    I wish BBC and their reporters would become a white farmer and be pray just waiting around to be one of the 4000 statistics of farm murders that occurred, with people raped in front of their family, killed and burned alive.

    Having a near to close death experience would surely change their perception of this God forsake country,. Stay in the past as much as you want with apartheid and what ever you can think of that ended close to 25 years ago, the people who care about human life will worry about the life taken and killed senselessly now on a daily basis as black people’s hatred towards whites grow on a daily basis even when apartheid ended so long time ago.

    Hatred towards white South Africans are just a football used in a game of racism towards white people as they strive to “just take away 51%” of what they have just because and the rest of the world “just believes it”

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