Western Europeans Start Migration East

Western Europeans have already started migrating toward the eastern part of the continent in response to the nonwhite invasion, the Visegrád Post has revealed.

“Central Europe will soon become an El Dorado for Westerners who want to live the European way of life,” the newspaper said.


In an article titled “Is Hungary becoming an Eldorado for Westerners?” the Visegrád Post—a news source dedicated to providing unbiased news from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Balkans, said that “Central Europe will soon become an El Dorado for Westerners who want to live the European way of life.”

Referring to the fact that the central European nations have refused to commit collective racial suicide along with the western Europeans, the Visegrád Post pointed out that “for some time now, western and northern Europeans have chosen to migrate to Hungary.”

“Far from the image of underdeveloped country that some would like to give her, Hungary distinguishes herself in particular by her politics in favor of the people and the ambient climate of safety, which seduces western populations abandoned by their government,” the paper continued.

Increasing numbers of Germans, Belgians, French people, and others have already made the move, the paper says, adding that these people “have understood that after having spent their summers in crowded campsites near the Balaton lake, there are many who have made their favorite tourist destination their home.”

In Hungary, the paper adds, it is possible to buy a village house for €300 per square meter, “where one can enjoy a peaceful existence.”

It is also an area where it is possible to “create real communities” and where there is no solitude as long as the language does not frighten them.

“And if the real estate and everyday life prices are tempting for western Europeans, the ambient climate can be even more attractive.

“Hungary loves its European tradition and, contrary to what one can see in some other European countries, is proud of her identity and her culture.

“The inhabitants thrive there without being afraid of a terrorist attack, a norm that has become a dream,” the paper adds.

However, the article points out, in the near future, “Central Europe will have to intelligently manage these migrations,” because they do not wish to be overrun with the “cosmopolitan thinking” which dominates western Europe and which has had such “fatal effects.”

People who, the article says, chase “anything for a lifestyle where immediate pleasure is king and the future insignificant,” will have to be kept out.

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4 Responses to "Western Europeans Start Migration East"

  1. mike walsh says:

    Couldn’t agree more; the exodus will soon gather pace and whilst Hungary is an option for us (we’re getting on) the young might think Russia. The 21st Century will be the Russian Century.

  2. Feric Jagger says:

    I prefer the term White Haven to El Dorado as referenced in the article above.

  3. Zig says:

    So that’s how the real unification of Europe – so hated and feared by the supporters of “multiculturalism” or immigration from the Third World – can happen: through the immigration of people from the part of Europe called “Western Europe” to the part called “Eastern Europe.” “Western Europe” and “Eastern Europe” are, in fact, Cold War terms, “Eastern Europe” being a derogatory one. Yet although the Cold War ended some quarter of century back, the terms have been stubbornly used in the media in Britain, France, Germany and the like. And also particularly adamantly in the US. Maybe along with the immigration these divisive terms will get dropped from use and all of us will call ourselves simply “Europeans”? And we will really SEE ourselves as such. Maybe the seeing will involve getting rid of the feeling of (racial?) superiority by those who consider themselves “Western Europeans” towards those whom they consider “Eastern Europeans”? We had better do it if we really want Europe to live on.

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