How to Separate

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, December 18, 2020
Our country is divided by irreconcilable differences.
In my last two videos, “They Really Hate Us,” and “Separation is the Solution,” I talked about the fierce hatred that so many Democrats have for Donald Trump and for anyone who voted for him. Although this hatred takes the form of a political division, it’s really a racial division. For Democrats, contempt for Trump supporters goes far beyond political disagreement because for Democrats it’s a moral – almost a religious – divide. They can’t stand the idea that 74 million Americans voted for a man they spent four years telling us is a fascist.
When disagreement becomes this bitter, there’s no hope for reconciliation. Separation is the only solution. Race is the most serious fault line in America, so I believe separation should be along racial lines. However, there are proposals for political separation that would, for the most part, fall along racial lines.
. . . [Discusses state separatist movements] . . . Anything on this scale will take time, though, and we can’t wait.
Racially conscious white people can build their own communities in small white towns in conservative parts of the country. If enough of us moved there, we could be a big influence on city government.
A dedicated minority can be politically very influential, and can become the majority. More and more white people see just how despised they are, and are waiting for someone else to make the first open move on race.
The pioneers in a white community might be retired people, whose pensions or social security would follow them. They could spend their time volunteering, getting to know local leaders, working on political campaigns. Once a town got a reputation, more people would come.
If we make united, self-consciously white communities, everyone will thrive, but it would be wonderful for families with children. Children are impressionable and conformist. It’s all very well to say we should all homeschool our children, but not everyone can do that. And once your sons and daughters are in the hands of liberal school teachers, there is no telling what they will end up thinking.
Imagine local schools run by AmRen readers. Of course, we would have to follow state law. If students had to get lectures on Martin Luther King, no problem. We have plenty to say about Martin Luther King. Imagine knowing that when your children visited the homes of schoolmates you knew they’d be with healthy people – not lunatics.
There is no reason we couldn’t start up like this in several places in the country.
America has always had communities of like-minded people, but they don’t spring up by accident. People have to build them. The Amish and the Shakers and Mormons had religious motives. Surely faith in our people can be just as strong. In New York State, there are three towns that are now 100 percent Orthodox Jewish: Monsey, Monroe, and New Square. These are communities of 10 to 20 thousand people.
Orthodox Jews either started from scratch or, in the case of Monsey, just started buying whatever came on the market. Now, property owners won’t sell to anyone who is not Orthodox, but only the Orthodox want to buy houses there anyway.
The schools are Orthodox, the mayor is Orthodox, if you call a plumber, he’ll be Orthodox. These towns do not have police forces because the only crimes are parking violations. Parents have the perfect set of institutions within which to rear children, and Orthodoxy has a guaranteed future.
There is no reason racially conscious whites can’t do the same thing. Yes, once the yahoos figured out what was happening, there would be handwringing and indignant articles. If some busybody progressive wanted to buy a house, you couldn’t stop him.
But the fact is, once a town had a reputation as a “nest of fascists,” no busybody would want to move in.
You would have to be very careful not to break anti-discrimination laws, but everything necessary for real white communities can be achieved within the law.
Moving is a huge commitment, but anything of real value is a commitment. If you ever sacrifice for anything, it should be for the future of our people.
This is something we can do. We don’t need legislators to redraw state lines. We have work to do, and waiting won’t make it any easier.

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  1. Even Rush Limbaugh has talked about secession and it is all over the internet now. That was not the case a few years ago. It will only intensify under a Harris/Biden presidency. Our enemies will make secession vital necessity, from talk to actuality!

  2. Trouble in Europe is that white areas large (Finland) or small (Scilly Isles) are scattered and multilingual across the continent – joining up is the problem. I want England back, not just bits of Dorset or Cumbria.

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