Important Announcement: Afrikaner Farmer Tour to Hungary

The planned tour of senior members of the Afrikaner farmers of the TAU-SA to Hungary has been postponed following a request by the central Hungarian government.

The Hungarian government has expressed an interest in meeting with the TAU-SA, and has asked them not to meet with the local authorities as had been planned.

The TAU-SA, and the trip organizers–Project Nova Europa–will of course fully comply with the Hungarian government’s request, and have with immediate effect placed the travel plans on hold.

It is hoped that a new announcement of a rescheduled meeting and travel plans will be made shortly. Thanks once again to all those who have contributed to making this project possible, and please stay tuned for further news.


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18 Responses to "Important Announcement: Afrikaner Farmer Tour to Hungary"

  1. Dale says:

    Hope it all works out with the reschedule. Good luck!

  2. Varpad says:

    What happened? So instead of local authorities, will you meet with the Hungarian government itself? Or were you just asked to not come?

  3. DJ Perry says:

    Guarantee that The Obama of the USA and Merkel of Germany are doing all they can to make sure the Boers are exterminated in South Africa before they can resettle any where! It is pathetic that The Netherlands won’t claim any of its own descendants nor the USA really open up to those refugees who could assimilate so easily!

  4. John says:

    As a Hungarian I hope our present government won’t last long. If it was up to me the Boers would get asylum in Hungary today.

  5. budz says:

    As a Hungarian I am very pissed at our government right now… I hope you make it as soon as possible and move here or any safe country. My prayers with you. May God speed you.

  6. Adam K. says:

    Come here please, Hungary needs You !!

  7. Al says:

    Hurry up these Afrikaaners need to leave South Africa NOW!

  8. Lys says:

    I hope it all goes well. This is the best thing ever for white SA farmers. I will be praying 🙂

  9. Welcome to Hungary ! Our association will help your establishment. Please contact us.

  10. Hani says:

    It might be a long reach, not sure if I have written it already. I think you have better chances to settle in Hungary, if you are single without kids. Find a decent Hungarian woman/man, and from that point it will be easy. To be honest, no idea how the Hungarian matchmaker sites are working, but I do know that if I look at the match dot com, I don’t see many Boers there. I also get your point that families are willing to leave. And if you are single, don’t fall the easiest one!!!

    Regarding buying a property (if you get there), you will be better off NOT to hire a realtor and/or don’t ask for the help of a realtor. Buy property directly from the owner, easier to negotiate. It does not hurt to find someone who is willing to help you and bilingual (Hungarian-English).

    I wish I could be better help.

    I spent a month in South Africa some time ago, saw what’s happening there, so I am crossing my fingers.

    If you have any question, feel free to ask me on this site (not sure if you can send a private message to me, but you are welcome to do that – once I receive it, I will reply within 24 hours).

    • Willem de Jager says:

      Hello Hani,

      Thanks for all the info. I have been looking at Hungarian properties for a while and would love to settle in your beautiful country within a year or two. I am not a farmer but I could learn! More to the point, I have asked these questions elsewhere but could not get confirmation.

      1. In several places I have read that it takes (only) 3 years of temporary residence in Hungary before one can apply for permanent residence. Do you know whether this is indeed the case?
      2. My plan is to renovate a Hungarian tanya or village house, grow vegetables and raise chickens. I am not planning to work but live on a passive income from investments, roughly equal to the Hungarian average wage, i.e. Self sufficient/ semi-retired. Do you know if this could be possible or who I can contact?

      Thanks in advance for reading.

  11. Anna L says:


    Would you like to join a new Fb group I’ve just created? It’s devoted to help Hungarians and Afrikaners (and Polish of course) to get to know eachother’s culture and build understanding and positive attitude towards Afrikaners settling among our nations.

    Although the Hungarian government might be occupied with migration crisis, we don’t need to be passive. Through social media we could popularize Afrikaner culture and the idea of their arrival in our countries. What dou you think?

    Here is the link:

  12. ursula jackson says:

    How do we get intoutch with a seller that would like to sell a house.What is the cost of a 2 bedroom apartment there

  13. Daniel F says:

    As a Slovakian, I am happy to see our southern neighbors taking steps in exploring the possible resettling of our South African brothers. I only hope that soon the same sentiment will spread to Slovakia as well and we can also welcome to of our fellow Europeans back on the continent.

    Wish you all a lot of success! Hang in there, we will prevail.

  14. Dale says:

    Any news on when the delegation will be going to Hungary yet?

  15. Nina says:

    Hi everybody

    We are in the same boat, I also would like to relocate my family overseas and have started a blog that will assist us in finding job opportunities overseas. Please visit if you are interested as a candidate or if you can assist with work sponsorships. Please share with your network and help as many people as we can.

    Many Thanks


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