Afrikaner Farmer-Hungary Tour Update—and Non-Farmer Opportunities

Project Nova Europa is pleased to announce that the president of the TAU-SA (formerly known as the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa), Louis Meintjies, and Assistant General Manager, Henk van de Graaf, will be going to Hungary during the last week of February.

Hungary Map

The Hungary fact-finding mission originated with Project Nova Europa and was funded by supporters from around the globe. The two day appeal was so successful that it allowed the TAU-SA mission to be expanded from just one delegate to two.

However, as the appeal went out, Project Nova Europa was contacted by numerous white South Africans who were not farmers, who also sought to leave that country.

In response to those requests, we have actively looked into channels whereby non-EU nationals—including South African citizens—who are not farmers might be able to move to Eastern Europe.

So far, we have established that it is possible for non-EU nationals to move to Eastern Europe, under condition of fulfilling certain employment-based requirements.

We have clearly identified a demand for IT specialists, although there are shortages for all manner of skilled and semi-skilled workers.

Anybody seeking further information is urged to contact us via the contact form on this website.

Please note that Project Nova Europa is not an employer, and can only provide pointers to individuals seeking to relocate. We cannot undertake to seek or provide employment.

In line with the prognosis sketched out in Nova Europa, we have identified Eastern Europe as the region with the single greatest potential of offering a European bastion in which the European people and their civilization can be preserved

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  1. Just a note. Hungary is in Central Europe, or in Eastern-Central Europe, but not in Eastern-Europe.


    1. It’s exactly so. Thank you for this note. Even most of the citizens in West Europe do not understand why this difference is so important to us, not to mention those in South Africa.

  2. Dear Mr. Louis Meintjies, and Dear Mr. Henk van de Graaf!

    Where can we meet with You in Hungary?

    An enthusiastc Hungarian man. 🙂

  3. good day to you
    I am very interested to find out more. my experience lies in the building/construction industry and I have also done a little farming. my partner is a qualified school teacher and also holds a diploma in conservation. we are both very interested please.
    kind regards
    Howard Smith & Karen Marx.

    1. Hi,
      There’s a few. Not as many as in the West, though. The biggest problem is the language barrier. Because of this I suggest to move to a big city like Budapest which is the capital of Hungary. There are lots of international companies in there. You can get along with your English there.
      You can also start your own business as a farmer. Since last year now foreigners can buy lands.
      The Hungarian Gov runs a scheme called “Letelepedesi Kotveny”. It’s the Hungarian version of US green card. It can be bought. You can be settled with it, can work, even you can become a Hungarian citizen. It is very expensive though. Not for everyone.

  4. Hi

    I am not a farmer, but I would like to leave with my family. South Africa is a mess and we need to get away from here.

    1. I feel the same way, and would love to get myself and my children and grandson out of this country, please let me know if there is any possible way that we can do this, we as white people are threated with ours lives, treated bad, and have no future here anymore

    1. Hi,
      Electricians are wanted bad there. Problem is the language barrier. Most of the people don’t speak any foreign language at all.
      The best chance you got is in the capital of Hungary. There are lots of international companies there. Lots of foreigners live in there.

    1. Only if you are qualified teacher.
      Under a new law, now only real teachers can teach – for instance – English in schools. Lots of foreigners lost theirs jobs because of this.
      As a private teacher who gives lessons you still could work.

  5. Hi I am 52, not a farmer, and working in the IT industry. I am one of the highest qualified NetApp Certfied Engineers in the Country, and looking for a position in Europe.

  6. Am interested to know if there is any need for experienced English editors in Eastern Europe – media/websites/company communications etc.

    many thanks

      1. Good day Tibor,

        I’m trying to contact you through the BKC website. I’m interested in the possible opportunity you mention.

  7. I am sure you will be welcomed by Hungarians, we like hard working farmers. I feel sorry for youbecause you are suffering a lot and it is a good idea to return to Europe.

  8. As a Hungarian I’m proud that my country always welcomed hard working people with open arms. The Boers are welcome likewise.

    Pay no attention to the the liberal “civil organizations” in Hungary who already started lobbying against the Boers – because these liberals are not even Hungarians. They have no right to tell us who we welcome in our own land.


  9. Good day

    I would like to get some more information on the possibilities available for South African Citizens.

    Please, could you direct me to the best site or email address to do so?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. I will look it up for you, but I don’t have time now. I need to make dinner and tomorrow is fully booked with family and mess (I’m a Hungarian housewife)..
      I think I can reply to you on Monday, hope I will be able to find back this post. Basically, the institute handling refugee claims is called Bevándorlási és Állampolgársági Hivatal, short for BAH (Office for Immigration and Citizenship) and I will check their website, maybe they also have info in English , I don’t know.


      1. Hi,

        As promised, I’ve tried to look up the details for you. As far as I see, there’s not much chance to get a temporary or permanent settlement permit in Hungary unless you come from an country belonging to the European Community. As far as I understand, the only option for you would be to ask for asylum. Here is the link to the details: You can walk through any border stations if you are willing to submit an application for asylum in Hungary. That is something that the muslim invaders are unwilling to do,that is the reason they prefer to cut through the fence instead. I haven’t checked but I think if you find an employer that needs you then you can get a work permit through that company. I don’t know what happens if yo come as a tourist, buy a house here and ask for asylum at that point, though?But why do anything legally? Thousands of people are are crossing Euroep’s borders illegally, you can mix up among them.

  10. I’m also a proud Hungarian, and I’ll be happy to see new inhabitants in Hungary. Our Homeland was every time in his history open for new citizens, who WANTED / WANTS TO WORK in Hungary for the New Homeland.
    We, Hungarians like the hard working nations, like yours nation.

    Welcome soon in Hungary, begin to learn our beautiful but very special language:
    Viszontlátásra Magyarországon! – See you soon in Hungary ! – TOTSIENS EN HONGARYE !

  11. Greetings from Hungary!

    I have went through the comments, and found some questions.
    I will try to answer them.
    Most of them were about the opportunities for certain professions:
    – building/construction industry: it will spin up in the forthcoming 3-4 years, thanks to the new family supporting system.
    – qualified electricians: definitely there are plenty of jobs, we need people with this qualification.
    – teacher: teachers status is not so good at the moment. BUT! someone who speaks a foreign language (English/German) at a good level, can easily have a job. (not just as a teacher).
    – IT industry/engineers: yes, we have lot of open positions. Most of the German automobile parts (Hardware/Software) are produced in Hungary.
    – foresters: I am not familiar with this, but as very high percentage of the people are heating with wood, I think there is a need.
    – farming: we have several abandoned farms in Alföld (search for it on google)
    +1: I read someone to point out being to old for a move: I can give you some positive examples. On the western side of the country there are already villages which are owned/lived by Dutch, German, Austrian pensioners. What is an extra (most pensioners like it very much), we have plenty of thermal bathes.

    Hope I could help.

  12. Hi,

    I read stories of attacks against white farmers in South Africa and also saw terrible pictures of entire families, women, children massacred in their homes a couple of years ago (when there was the football worldcup, it was 6 years ago, my husband is telling me now) and I have felt pity for you ever since.If there is one country in the world I would never want to enter that is RSA: I’m convinced that you ARE refugees and I would welcome you in Hungary. We are a small and relatively poor country, not much chance to get employed and even if employed, salaries low. But it’s a SAFE PLACE and maybe you could teach us how we can defend ourselves from non desired invaders! You are not far from our culture, even though I am catholic, a significant part of our country is reformed and we have such a sweet, tiny reformed churches all over the country, especially in Transylvania (which is now part of Romania), you would love them! I hope that our politicians will decide in favour of welcoming you – and with that we can also fulfill our part of the EU migration quota (Ha-ha!)

    1. Hello Cecilia

      I read your comments and have to agree to a large extent. Yes, we are refugees locally (South Africa) and the situation is not improving. A very sad state indeed. Regards from a fellow South African Catholic.

  13. HELLO,




    1. Hi Tibor, I just want to voice my appreciation to Hungary and its citizens for being willing to look at the plight of South Africans. We are two South Africans living and working in Tbilisi and would love the opportunity to settle in Hungary. Although we are not farmers, we would prefer to buy a small property in the Hungarian countryside. But, as I understand, the property laws are quite strict as far as foreigners are concerned. I would really appreciate it if you could direct me to a reliable site where I could find out more about available rural properties. Many thanks for your help! Kind regards.

  14. Hy I am a Hungarian and would like to stress that we welcome white hard working honest protestant people,but!
    You have to understand that pay rate here is the fraction of what you get in western europe, cca 500euros. And for Boer farmers,this is europe, there are no big vacant farmlands here, certanly not as big as you used to in africa.The agriculture sector is developed and the good lands are being cultivated. Maybe you can get some small farm , but that is not enough to make a living.The village population is shrinking that is true, because the absence of jobs.Everybody is moving to western europe.And I didnt mentioned the gypsies who are similar to the negroes and their numbers are increasing. So it is not as easy as it looks.

    1. Good day Peter

      Thanks for that, I was a bit reluctant to bring that up, would like to know if the problem now after the beef up of the border and restrictions is subsiding or the gypsies are still crossing the border and or they are located in Hungary it self?

      We are considering relocating to Ásotthalom?

      Thank you


  15. Afternoon,

    We are married couple willing to relocate immediately…our lives got threatened here…and we barely surviving day to day.. We are both 35 years old no kids …my husband is business owner and they are on about to close down the business and i am not employed due to color disadvantage and i am foreign (origin from Macedonia-south/east Europe) I have degree in Agriculture and my husband in Bio-economics….please do not hesitate to write any suggestions?

    Many Thanks

    1. Just curious, cannot you return to Macedonia?

      Your country is highly regarded right now as they try to stop the illegals.

  16. Hello Everyone,

    I am a Hungarian attorney, currently inactive with the Budapest Bar Chamber for I live in Taiwan, study Chinese here and planning to open a company and apply for a resident visa. There are a lot of enthusiastic comments, and I more or less understand the difficult position of the Boer community in SA, but let us see the cruel facts.

    Hungary has a business immigration program, I do not remember correctly the details because the conditions are changed way too often, but if I am right buying a 300.000 EUR government bond (and paying a 50-70.000 EUR commission fee charged by the authorized agent) should grant a 5 year resident visa for one family (husband, wife, children under the age of 18). This bond matures after 5 years but interest is basically not payed after the bond. Several other EU country has similar programs, possibly some Baltic states might have even more favorable conditions. In any case a person who decides to invest in such bonds should be really careful, I do not see guaranties that the agent (despite it is a government bond upon becoming due the sum of the bond should be payed back by the agent) would be solvent, it is not clear what happens after 5 years with the resident status, etc.

    Apart from this business immigration program people do immigrate by getting a job or opening their own company. If one is a skilled IT expert I do not see many reasons to move to Hungary, one should head towards Holland, Great Britain, etc. In Western or Northern Europe it is easier to get a good paying English language job, I think getting a working permit might also be smoother than in Hungary. My country might be more interesting if one plans to open a company. Obviously the standards are lower for getting a residence permit based on the dividend payed by your company in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, the former Eastern Bloc countries, than in the UK for example. Now how much money has to be invested, what gross sales, profit, dividend criteria has to be met, how much tax has to be payed, how many employees are needed, these are the details you need to know and compare before making a decision. As far as I know, these details are not transparently set by law in Hungary, it is the immigration agency that sets some detailed standards (the criteria set by the law is more like “adequate income” for living). I am not an immigration lawyer, but knowing how the Hungarian government bodies operate (generally I do not have a good opinion about their attitude and efficacy) I definitely suggest that you send your representatives with a clear mandate to Hungary: 1) the local authorities are not interesting, they cannot issue a resident visa 2) it is not that interesting what the Hungarian government says (declaration of good will, bullshitting) but what kind of decrees it enacts (I am sorry to say but I doubt that they would enact anything in your case) 3) it is absolutely important on the other hand, to obtain the exact and detailed criteria of a resident visa if and when one opens a company (sales revenue, profit criteria, dividend criteria, how many people can obtain a resident visa if these criteria are met). You should also get info on the general costs of living, company operational costs, taxes, etc. Now I am not sure that it is the smartest thing to send people over to obtain these info in person, an immigration lawyer might answer these question probably more efficiently and cheaply. It is also possible, that neighboring Slovakia’s condition are more favorable, so I definitely suggest to obtain data on several countries. After the most prospective candidate has been found trips in person are obviously important. In my opinion, Hungary might be attractive because of the cheap labor and agricultural heritage and potential. Good luck for your project!

    1. Hello Roland,

      Olvasom a bejegyzésedet Február 22-ről ha elér ez az email irjad meg a Taiwani emailodat. Én 13 évet éltem Délafrikában s talán tudnánk segiteni a búroknak egy otthoni agency-vel

  17. Guys have you ever thought of putting up an emigration forum or better a kind of “Immigration to Middle / Eastern Europe” web forum or community, where there would be threads for each profession? Then people could better help each other give information or search for information.
    Also housing topic, relocation topic, paperwork, or a job offer topic when a company wants to give a job to one of you etc.
    It is just an idea as I am no official authority of Hungary or of any other Eastern European country but as comments here become more and more, the idea just occurred to me….

  18. Welcome Boers, Hungary needs You ! I can help you to seek for houses and flats, no matter what the government or anyone says. White people must be unite.

  19. I simply love South Africa, have been in Durban, Cape Town and many other cities. I respect South Africans, and sorry to see what is happening with the farmers who produce a substantial proportion of SA’s GDP.

    We need people in Hungary who can add values to our country, and you would be perfect for that.

    There are many houses on sale, especially in the rural (in the range of 300k-600k ZAR), which might not be perfect for you, but it is a good start!

    Also, there are many single men and women :-))))))

    However, we do not trust our politicians, and I am sad to say, but should not have high hopes for them either.

    Just an idea: why don’t you look for Hungarians using the social media, and ask them how the life is in Hungary. There are many who speak excellent English (and many of them might work already in the UK!)

    I wholeheartedly wish you the best!

  20. I am an IT specialist with 15 years of experience in the IT industry.



    MCSA: Messaging

    MCP ID: 7532094

    APPLE OS X (JULY 2008)

    I have farming experience in cattle and some crops and vegetables.
    We are a family of 4, me, my wife and 2 sons.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. S.g. Herr Meyer,

      Please bring your wonderful qualifications, your family, and your astonishingly Austrian sounding name over to Austria with you :-). Even if you decide you don’t like it here, having permanent Austrian residency would probably make re-emigrating to EE later a piece of cake. Learning German is a huge advantage too.

      Here is the immigration system (transparent, efficient, and entirely in English):

      All you need to do to use it is for one member of your family to find a job via an Austrian jobsite, and fulfil the points requirement. You should have no trouble – just google it.

  21. Hi

    I am a South African currently living and working in the UAE. I have Master Qualifications in both Adult Education and Renewable Energy. and experience in Electrical Engineering. Would there be opportunities to open a business for electrical supply and maintenance and the instillation of Renewable Energy Systems? I am working under contract currently and is seriously looking at emigration opportunities in a safe country to which I can also relocate my family.

    Kind Regards

    Jan Muller

  22. Hi I am a qualified South African teacher in the foundation phase. I am currently working in the UAE. Would it be possible for me to get a job in Budapest?

  23. I am BulgarIan national living in Bulgaria. This is what I have to say:

    Come here or in other EU country in Eastern Europe. You will be respected and liked by everybody, living in a society which is not multicultural, at least not in the way the multiculturalism exists in the UK for example.

    For job seekers in Bulgaria, have a look at

    You coud also have your own business here, some banks have their online banking system translated in English, the corporate tax here is 10%, the divident tax is 5 %. You could easily find an English speaking accountant.

    You could travel easily and without significant expenses to the more developed EU countries.

    When a crime is reported in the newspapapers, the whole country is talking about it for several months.

    Most of the Bulgarians are very kind and friendly people.

    The climate here is excellent – not very hot or very cold.

    1. Hi Dian, thanks for the info. I have been reading a lot about Hungary and also Bulgaria and you confirm everything that I have read. It sounds promising, thanks! Willem.

  24. I’m nearly qualified in electrical engineering (diploma), I just require inservice training. I am also interested in this initiative. Our country has been in great turmoil as of late, racially motivated violence and hatred at an all time high. How do I go about relocating, any help would be appreciated.

  25. Good day i am a farmer, worked hard and got really far with my business but then i got a land claim and had to sell my property to the black claimant.
    That was 7 years ago.
    At this stage i am willing to relocate but doesnt have a lot of money.
    Is there anny hope for me there to farm again?

  26. Are you serious? I have been looking at Hungary for ages! I have great hopes for Hungary, the Visegrad V4 and Central Europe in general. Not a farmer but definitely a Magyar enthusiast and English teacher. I have been wondering – if I bring a montly passive income equal to the average Hungarian wage into the country, without the need to work, would they let me stay? Of course I could also teach should there be a demand. Who can I contact to sign up?

    Willem de Jager

  27. I am an English teacher and specialise in teaching English as a second/foreign language. I would love to have the privilege to move to Eastern Europe!
    My contact details:
    Thank you!
    Esté Johnson

  28. Hi my name is Paul Gyula father came from Hungary to South Africa more than 50 years ago .I am interested to find out if I can claim citizenship.the only problem I have noted about relocating is the is very difficult to comunicate.

    1. Hello Paul, I am a Hungarian lawyer currently living in Taiwan. Your father must have left Hungary because of the 1956 uprisal against the Soviets. That time around 200.000 people fled the country and the communist government illegally revoked their citizenship. As far as I remember the law on Hungarian citizenship deals with this people and their descendants, cause revoking their citizenship was considered to be an illegal act after the communist system collapsed. A procedure can be initiated to establish the Hungarian citizenship of these people and their descendants (yes, descendants as well, for if your father was a citizen you are a natural born citizen). So you are most probably a natural born citizen of Hungary without documentation (there is another class of Hungarians who lost their citizenship after the first world war – they have to prove that among their ancestors they a Hungarian citizen and they have to prove a proper command of Hungarian – I have to emphasize, the 56’ers and their descendants do not fall into this cathegory, there should be no requirement of knowledge of Hungarian for you should be a natural born citizen without documents). I urge you to visit the Hungarian embassy and tell them the story of your father and inquire of the above. The reestabilishment of Hungarian citizenship might take a year, but after that you are welcome to live and work in the EU. Good like my fellow Hungarian!

    2. Hi Paul,
      Yes, you are entitled to Hungarian citizenship. I also lived in SA for 40 years then applied for my citizenship when living in Ireland. As you are probably a result of the 1950 revolution who was displaced you dont even need a language certificate to get your citizenship.
      It takes a bit of time, but is well worth it. You can even pass on the rights to your children.
      I have been living in Hungary for 13 years and manage to get by well with a very basic knowledge of Hungarian

  29. I see a LOT of heavily qualified people here,is there any chance for a older couple
    (55yrs) ,I’ve been a coded welder for 30+ years(not tested in the last 10yrs),but with no jobs available for white people in this country anymore,,,I have been working and supporting my family by working on m/cycles and survivig for the last 5yrs,and although not officially qualified,, I’m good at it.I would like to know if there is a chance for ordinary hard working people like us to immigrate.

    1. Hi Anthony,
      If I may offer some clarification: in most Western European visa systems, Welders are not considered ‘less qualified’, as it is often a shortage occupation and very sought-after. I’m sure your age would be a disadvantage, but even so you’d have good chances for an employment visa.

  30. Hi. I am in logistics and my wife is a financial manager/bookkeeper. What is the opportunities in these fields in Hungary. Our lives is worth nothing in south africa as whites.

  31. White South Africans are more than welcome in Poland. Due to our emigration to WE we are in need of many professionals, especially: Doctors.

    Poland is a lovely country with many opportunities for everyone who is not scared of our hard language. White emigration is perceived really good in Poland and many people are willing to help you during your first years.

  32. In case anyone is looking for a second-best option to Eastern Europe, please consider Austria. Still majority-white, especially in the countryside, and going in the right direction. Even if you would prefer to move elsewhere in Europe later, it’s definitely a foot in the door. From personal experience, every Eastern European country respects people with Austrian residency and/or German language skills.

    Here is the immigration system’s website. It’s transparent and easy to use, and can be completed entirely in B1-Level English.

    All you need to complete the process is for one member of your family to obtain a suitable job offer in Austria, which should be easy to get via an Austrian employment website. Just google it.

  33. Yes yes yes, please Afrikaans move to Bulgaria. I am English and bought a house there and love it. The population in Bulgaria is dropping fast, the young are moving away to find work and there are many villages just left empty. The Afrikaans are good farmers and have a lot of business experience which would boost Bulgaria and benefit the Bulgarian people. The money prospects may not be good but life there would be fantastic. When God created the Earth he gave all the countries something but Bulgaria was last and he had run out of things to give so he gave them a piece of paradise.

  34. I am a Policeman in south africa. I have served the country for 24 years. What are my chances to get into hungary and what employment prospects are there for my skills?

  35. Hi is there any jobs for mechanics in your lovely country I am fully qualified can work on cars trucks tractors I can also do body work and spray paint this I learned from my late father who was a master at his trade .

  36. You could also try Romania. Probably the easiest country to get settled to. There are lots of arable lands for farmers. Be advised however, that standard of living is very low. Still, companies are currently facing a lack of workforce in almost every segment from medicine to constructions. Btw there are regions fully inhabited by Hungarians if you want to stick with them. Too bad those are the financially poorest regions.
    Thumbrule: Romania is a very bureaucratic state, but there’s always a way around. 😉

    Hope you well !!

  37. Hey guys,

    Great forum. Just some advise try and join some pro-European think tanks and groups on facebook to try and spread the word. You can also mail the admins directly and they will do their best to help. thisiseuropa is on fb and also has a website with a forum, you can join anonymously if you so wish. Generation Europa is also a great page on fb. Some links were actually posted about helping Afrikaners today 🙂

    Below are some of the links that were shared today. They include petitions and charities aimed at helping white South Africans.

    Best wishes,

  38. Hi I am construction as a site foreman/manager here in South Africa for 21 years , is there a lot of work for such jobs in Poland or Hungary etc? My wife is from Ukraine and is also a permanent resident of South Africa. We want to get out of here badly as things are getting worse by the year.

  39. What I do not understand, I read in the book Nova Europa from Arthur Kemp about ORANIA. This seems to me like a good alternative to Afrikaaners to move into this zone. Or are there too many problems with the neighboring communities ?


    I’ve just been telling some British expats about there being a lot of Africaans looking for a potential new homeland. Village properties are cheap the cost of living is very low. It’s very easy to get a visa and residency if you are retired and receive a pension or there are investor routes. My personal view is they could do with more farmers and IT professionals, but anyone bringing a business must improve the possibilities for the natives.
    As a hint I bought my place for £4000, a habitable detached house that needs modernising, like most village houses it has a big barn and a good plot of land 2/3rds acre.

  41. Dear Nova Europa Project! Dear my Boer friends!

    I’ve read with horror what happens in recent years with so many Boer farmers in South Africa. Hungary would welcome to You all, when You could move to here. An overall, Hungarian people like Anglo-Saxon nations and their white culture. In this country live many German and Dutch people, who continuously move to here from Western Europe since 2015, when started the migrant crisis. Well, they became the real refugees.

    In Middle Europe, there are a lot of Bavarian-German descendants from previous centuries, who became a large national minority. However, it was obligatory taught German or English as a foreign language in the Middle East European schools. As I know, Boers are in relationship with Anglo-Saxon nations, mostly for example with Dutch people; therefore Hungary could be their new home too.

    Boers could contact with Dutch people living here, and could inform about this life here. I would like to help Boers, but I haven’t any connection with Dutch people (who are living here) and Boer-support organizations yet.

    Nonetheless, I can recommend for You just a family house. Our family has a great property in a quiet town with agricultural character, which is for sale. I have a detailed description in English and German language with many photos, which I could send the interested Boer people by this email address: .

    We could help for one or two Boer families by selling of our two generations real estate. Although, for us there is never mind, who would buy our house, but(!) we offer this property by Christian duty first time for the Boers, whose life is in serious danger and they are now in urgent need.

    I’m going to write some comments also on other posts of this website and another Boer affiliation sites, then I’ll wait for the inquiring messages in e-mail, after the contact even by telephone or Skype. /In case of serious intent, everything will be only a question of detail. The surrounding settlements have a few lawyers and attorneys, who speak English, German, or even Dutch./

    So, if You are interested in this, please send me an e-mail according to the above.
    Glory to the people of goodwill! God protect an save the Boers!

    Tompa town (30 km West from Ásotthalom town),
    Hungary, 06.11.2017.

  42. Just want to find out if a South African family moves to Hungary with their kids, 6 or 7 years old, is there English schools in Hungary, our main concern is if he will adapt as we heard that the Hungarians does not really use English as languag.

    1. Dear Monique,
      Of course there are English schools in Hungary. There are many bilingual high schools as well, where children learn some subjects in foreign languages, the rest in Hungarian.
      Budapest has a vivid international life as well, if you want to get a work with only speaking foreign language, it is possible as well. If nothing else works, anyone can still be a language teacher either in a school or privately.
      As many of our youngsters moved to the western countries, there are a lot of open jobs in Hungary.
      Some are advertised in English, just type in “jobs in Hungary” in google and there you go.
      Also, there are a lot of job advertisement on this page:
      Most are Hungarian, as it is a Hungarian site, but if you type some English word (for example: quality) at the search bar within the site, many English job descriptions will appear.
      It is true that we do not really use English in our everyday life, but a lot of people are speaking it, especially among the younger generations.

    2. Yes, there are international schools in Hungary. And yes, Hungarian language is an absolute must in Hungary but it can be learned and in the meantime you need to have someone who helps you with everything. If you are on skype or facebook we could talk about it.

    3. Hi Monique.

      There are a lot of american/german/french schools here. The language for the youngsters will be no problem.

  43. There are different types of solutions to be able to move to Hungary. You can move to Hungary one-by-one, but we have to get some information to be able to help. Family status, financial status, education. It is not so difficult, but if boer want to come thousands together, it will not work out. Paperwork can be prepared in advance but this requires personal contact. Is there a contact perso in South Africa representing the Boers who can help with this?

  44. I live in England near the border with Scotland, our county, Northumberland is about the most indigenous county in the country but the pernicious creep of post modern Marxist identity politics is creeping in and it will destroy out country if we don’t start speaking truth to those in authority.
    The plight of the farmers and whose communities in Zimbabwe and South Africa is an international scandal. The mainstream media, infested as all our institutions are, with Marxists are ignoring the simulation because it doesn’t fit with their narrative but the ordinary British person is horrified with the situation and with the willfull ignoring of the racially motivated genocide and as the word spreads it will start to put pressure on the politicians and their media lackeys.
    The most pernicious aspect of this is the actions by ngos frequently funded by the likes of Soros , who go out of their way to dissemble and lie and bury the truth.
    My mother grew up in Ghana before independence and other family in Kenya. The plight of the farmers and others in RSA and elsewhere is heartbreaking and was so bloody predictable when the mainstream leftists in the West condemned apartheid..where are they now, these hypocrites?
    Douglas Murray, the English Journalist (despite his Scots name) in his book, The Strange Death of Europe says that Central and Eastern Europe are not taking the same suicidal path the West is .. his theory is that the shared experience of National Socialist tyranny followed by 50 years of the horrors of communism and the hundreds of years of pogroms, war, slaughter as well as a keen faith, helped by the solidity of Orthodoxy mean that the people in central and Eastern Europe haven’t lost their understanding and appreciation of the tragedy of life and as such have resisted the post modern statist destruction of our families, faiths and traditions.
    The future for Europe is in these countries.
    I will continue to live here in the uk to keep fighting for our enlightened democracy and to help spread the word but I have learned Russian and am reading the Russian classics in Russian, I have read extensively of the history of the region and anyone who does so objectively, could not but understand the danger and murderous creed of socialism.
    I hope the Boers and others can get the hell out of Africa, Georgia, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria these are all nations that need your agricultural expertise Georgia is an ancient and beautiful country famous for its wines and food, it’s climate is wonderful and the land is fertile. There are fortunes to make in the eastern reaches of Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech all need your skills.
    Yes, I know English isn’t necessarily spoken but German often is, a legacy of the past and isn’t a million miles away from Afrikaans, Russian is relatively easy to learn.
    In the meantime we will pressurise our governments but to be honest, come to the UK or France instead of Hungary or Russia? Why would you do that?
    We’re going to have the same problem, France is possibly a year away from civil war or another revolution.
    Let us know how we can help
    God bless you all

  45. Hi All, I am Hungarian and living in SA now since 97.
    Very worried about the current political climate – and looking into moving to Hungary with my family ( hubby is Afrikaans ).

    I haven’t spoken Hungarian for 20 years but if anyone needs to learn Hungarian – I am happy to help for free of course.

    I will watch this forum and see how we could all help each other.
    best, Anna

  46. Please advise the best ways to be considered to leave , I am a single white South African male in Cpt and see no future in this broken land.

  47. Hi All

    Yes, Hungary is full of opportunities and with land for farming, that is totally true.
    Also the infrastructure is good, very similar that to the western countries.
    Also there are English schools for sure but AFAIK they are concentrated in the center part, near Budapest, the capital.
    However for dutch speaking people there are even more opportunities in the SSC fields. It means that there are massive corporations who established subsids there and seek for well qualified, language speaking people for relatively good salary. This relatively good means double/tripple of the average but still that is mostly less than what you could earn in Germany or other western countries.
    still Hungary has extremely low crime rate, no migrant(blacks, muslims) and there are very peaceful folks.
    Also need ot mention a fun fact: Hungary already had Flandrian immigrants in the history. They are considered as ‘saxons’ and got assimilated throughout history.

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