Avoiding Legal Challenges in Building the Ethnostate

An important question from a reader: “I have read and enjoyed the book. Thank you for suggesting this proposal.  However I don’t understand how a voluntary Euro-ethnic-community can begin the process of isolating itself in the context of a racially-egalitarian liberal nation.

“In the United States, for example, Federal laws have been arranged so as to prohibit local forms of discrimination, in housing, in commerce, and in schools. Since the book mentions the United States as a possible location, I would like to know how you imagine it would be possible, that the proposed community could defend itself from the combined challenges of civil rights lawsuits, federal interference, and other forms of protest.”


The Orania example serves as the best answer to your question.  In South Africa, all the “anti-discrimination” laws to which you refer, are actually written into the constitution of the country, and they work under even more extreme strictures than what Americans could even dream about.

How do they do it?  By two methods:

1. Simply not having any formal discrimination in their (Orania’s) constitution, founding documents, or any legally liable writings upon which anyone could base a legal challenge. Nowhere in the Orania set up will you find anything which limits settlement to “white people”.  They simply claim to be an Afrikaner settlement in which Afrikaners want to live out their culture, free from being oppressed and free from oppressing anyone else.

Does this mean that, in theory, anyone from any race could settle in Orania?  In theory, yes.  In practice, it has never happened, as anyone doing such a thing would quickly find themselves out of step with the community  (not sharing the same ideals etc.) and move on.

2. The founding company of Orania (which set up the core of the town, located on private property–remember that other parts of the extended settlement might fall outside the original core) is a privately held company whose shareholders have a legal right to determine who can buy shares in the company. Once again, there is no racial discrimination in the wording or set-up of that company.

See once again in Nova Europa the section dealing with “Propaganda and Presentation.”

In other words, a European ethnostate settlement in formation cannot perpetuate any form of “racism” upon which a legal challenge could be based.

With regard to the setting up of businesses, most affirmative action laws determine a minimum number of employees before AA becomes legally enforceable. Companies who employ larger numbers than this minimum figure, will simply have to split up their operations to always keep inside the minimum number of employees.

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  1. Very interesting. That does clarify my picture of Oriana’s legal situation. Thank you.

    I would like to respond with one additional question about the parallel. To what degree is Oriana land protected from diversity housing imposed by the central government? I understand that much of the land is private, and that the Oriana community may employ social pressure to discourage non-white individuals from settling in the environs. But, at least in the US, there is legislation which authorizes bureaucrats in the central government to develop “affordable housing” in any location. In the US, I think that legally whites can apply for this housing, but in practice it functions as scheme to force racial diversity into regions of the country where there is a phenomenon of “white flight.”

  2. 1. “To what degree is Orania land protected from diversity housing imposed by the central government?”

    The town center is privately owned, and they would have resort to the courts to protect private property rights. In theory, of course, if the central government wanted to build a huge settlement next to the town they could. But in reality, they will not. They have far bigger fish to fry and things to be concerned about.
    Do not fall into the trap of making up scenarios which don;t yet exist, and then using these theoretical scenarios as reasons “why the project won’t succeed.”
    In the US, for example, there is not yet even a hamlet, never mind a village or town which is even comparable to Orania, and to posit theoretical diversity housing projects right now is utterly pointless. When and if that scenario ever happens, (and it is, for the reasons mentioned above and below, highly unlikely), then it must be dealt with in whatever manners are open.
    Finally, bear in mind that the central state–anywhere, including SA and the US–is steadily getting weaker with each passing year as the Third Wordization process speeds up. Within a decade, for example, the welfare bill in the US will have ballooned even more than its current record levels (especially when the amnesty deal is announced) and the state will have it hands full coping with that and related social disasters–far too consuming for an increasingly Third World-staffed infrastructure to worry about a group of Europeans somewhere in the Midwest in a village…..

    1. Thanks for the response. I will ponder what you have written, but I think it good to state my opinion that my inquiry about diversity housing was no idle speculation. I myself have lived in small, isolated towns affected by this policy, so I know the process fairly well. In the US it is called “Section 8” housing, and it is a type of interference that is, unfortunately, very common. Whether and how an Oriana type community in the US might resist such manipulation is a question that I would seek to discuss further with anyone proposing such a project.

    2. Administrator, I appreciate what you are saying but you are very much underestimating what’s going on. The Federal government is already vigorously using Section 8 and “refugee” resettlement (Somalis) to break up long-established white communities. The DoJ is very expert at sniffing out “social pressure” and unwritten policies as you have described and can demolish those in court. Also, while you are right that companies below a certain size are immune to AA, basically all local government entities are subject to AA. No white enclave is going to work when the city permitting department, tax collector and police is full of Somalis and other diversities.

      Right now they are dumping loads of garbage from Somalia into Minnesota, Maine and other white areas. Of course that causes racism and so the DoJ is right behind with the anti-discrimination lawsuits. The FBI also gets involved because of Somali terrorism but the FBI can’t profile so they need to harass everyone in these communities. The schools collapse because even if it’s only 5% Somali, white parents don’t want their children (daughters especially) in that kind of environment.

      For Orania, I imagine the SA government stays out of it out of fear of confrontation. Their central government is so weak and powerless it can’t do much. Our Federal government has no such fear and has every power in the world.

      1. Hello:

        1. If you really believe what you are saying (that an all powerful Federal government will always block you) then, with all due respect, you should give up straight away and stop trying to so anything.
        This continuous “they are all powerful, we have no chance” attitude is self-defeating, and is designed to make you give up before you even start.
        What, might we ask, is the alternative? Do you have one? If so. let’s hear it please.

        2. You are, of course, not 100% correct. The anti-European establishment will try and destroy any manifestation of Eurocentricity, but you are presuming that it will be possible to create an ethnostate overnight or in a few years a best, and that an all-European city will suddenly spring forth the size of Minneapolis or something.
        Disabuse yourself of this notion. As the Orania lesson has shown, it is a long hard slog, and by the time any settlement is of a significant size, the central government will be significantly Third Worldized and will have nowhere near the disruptive capacity it has today, propped up as it is by Euro-renegades.

        1. Your approach to the problems presented by Joe and Raymond can be described as “Act as if the problem isn’t there”. Just because a problem or difficulty is pointed out, it does not mean this is a sign of a defeatist attitude. Quite the opposite. Acknowledging the existence of the problem is fundamental in developing a successful strategy. It seems to me that is exactly what the people behind the Orania project did; the care taken in using a non-confrontational legal wording in its constitution is proof of just that.

          Please don’t be so dismissive and aggressive when people put forward constructive criticism.

  3. It’s mere chance that Afrikaners are largely of European stock, but just to be of European stock does not automatically make you an Afrikaner.

    Ethnic groups can be viewed as one large family with distinct genetic markers but it takes more than mere genetics for the makings of an specific “volk” or ethnic group.

    Afrikaners have a distinct nature and personality, but so has Xhosa’s, Zulu’s or any other group. With the creation of Orania, we, the Afrikaners, joined other indeginous groups in also having our own cultural heartland.

    1. I am impressed with Orania’s accomplishments, particularly in agriculture. I respect the Oranians and wish them nothing but the best.

      However, in the long run Orania will face challenges. One of the enclave’s biggest problems is the fact that it is surrounded by a state that is anything but sympathetic to Afrikaner autonomy. Here is what President Jacob Zuma has to say about it:

      “You can’t create an Orania, you must be part of South Africa and share in what we all share,” Zuma said. The quote is taken from this link:


      Hostility from the central government is one problem Oranians (and other Afrikaners) will face, but not the only one. As South Africa’s economy continues to deteriorate, starving blacks will want to invade white homes to get the food from the pantries and refrigerators. If the whites use deadly force to defend their homes, they will incur the wrath of the ANC and much of the world. It is hard for me to see a happy ending to this.

  4. One thing that sets the USA apart from the Afrikaners is that most of the people here of European heritage are blended. Myself, for example, I am 55% Scandinavian, and the rest being Irish and Western European (British, German, French). Hence I have no real culture to have as the basis for a homeland. Afrikaners have a distinct viable heritage and culture that merits preservation, as much as Navajos, Hopis, Lakotas would here. In what form would an Eurocentric culture manifest here that we the Amerikaners could legally employ?

  5. The slaughter of Europeans in South Africa has been going on for a while ineded the process is accelerating. There are numerous sites documenting the genocide, but as several contributors have accurately stated, if you’re waiting for a response from Europe forget it. It is not that the European people don’t care about the plight of their kinsmen in South Africa; it’s more a case of complete ignorance. There is absolutely nothing in the MSM concerning the situation and this deliberately engineered state of affairs will not change any time soon. Personally I see no future for any European in Africa and as for the Karoo the gangsters who pass for politicians in South Africa would never allow the establishment of a White Canton. One suspects that half a dozen Boer farmers armed with First World War vintage rifles could probably hold off a couple of divisions of African troops without much bother as Rhodesia proved but the Pretoria based thugocracy would simply ask for military help from the West to put down these reactionaries and get it. The bulk of the Whites of South Africa have either Dutch or English speaking backgrounds and should seek help from sympathetic groups in the Netherlands, Flanders and the British Isles. The same goes for the smaller groups such as the Portuguese and Germans – look to friendly groups in your former homelands. The ruling oligarchies here in Europe would not help but support groups would. Go underground in Europe and circulate among friends creating powerful networks in the process. Of course, to a degree this is already happening as one notices the increasing numbers of South Africans in Europe it’s really a case of getting better organised.

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