UPDATED: Help the Boers: Send a Delegation to Hungary

Being a Boer farmer is the most dangerous occupation in the world. There were 250 violent farm attacks in South Africa during 2015, in which 60 farmers were murdered.


For the period 1994 to 2014, the average farmer murder rate was 62 per year.

Expressed as a percentage of the actual number of farmers (30,000), this works out to a mathematically expressed murder rate of 133 per 100,000 people.

Compare this to the national murder rate for all of America, which is 9.8 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Even El Salvador, the most violent country on earth, has a murder rate of 65 per 100,000 inhabitants!

Funeral-farmer-02 Funeral-farmer-01

The farmer murder rate in South Africa qualifies as genocide by any measure—and they need our help.

The oldest commercial farmers’ union in South Africa, founded in 1897, is called TAU South Africa.

In November 2015, that organization’s Assistant General Manager, Henk van de Graaf, made a formal submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council Forum on Minority Issues, held in Geneva, Switzerland, in November 2015.

That submission pointed out that the murder rate of Boer farmers is “a form of terrorism, as is being experienced in France and other parts of the world.”

“At the same time a process of land reform is initiated by our government which leads to farmers being displaced from their land and territories.

“Historically ungrounded accusations are made by governmental officials and members of the majority in the country that the Afrikaner farmers have stolen their land.

“Together with a president who sings a song: ‘Bring me my machine gun,’ a climate for violence and atrocity crimes is created, with the judicial system not attending to it as would have been expected,” the submission continued.

Mr Van de Graaf went on to point out that the main problem in South Africa was the “inability of the South African Police Services to properly investigate crimes, and in particular farm murders,” which means that they are not even capable of preventing such attacks from taking place.

There is, Mr Van de Graaf added, a “singular unwillingness to bring the perpetrators to book.” This results in only a “small percentage of perpetrators” being caught and effectively prosecuted.

“Afrikaners are not promoted in the law enforcement bodies, as a result of stringent black economic empowerment principles applied in South Africa pertaining to jobs and posts in the government. This applies in particular to the police.

“Criminal complaints by farmers and Afrikaners are not pursued with the same rigour and diligence applied to other complainants.

“Crimes against the farming community have essentially been ignored by the South African government and the SAPS. The government clearly has no political will to attend to its responsibilities in this regard and it wilfully neglects the rights of minorities in this regard.”

This then is the situation as it exists today. Boer farmers are being murdered out wholesale in a genocidal wave of bloodlust, which can only end with their complete extinction.


Farmers have been offered relocation opportunities elsewhere in Africa, but that has literally meant jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Now however, a real and tangible opportunity has opened up—and you can play a role in helping to make the first step a reality.

In rural Hungary—a staunchly pro-European nation—many local authorities have pressing depopulation problems, and have literally thousands of now uninhabited farms.

They desperately want to repopulate these farmsteads—and many of these towns have now formally expressed an interest in offering them to Boer farmers.

This would be a perfect solution: it would help the Boers escape certain extinction, and it would boost an already staunchly pro-European nation like Hungary.

The TAU-South Africa wants to send a one-man delegation to Hungary in February 2016. The purpose of this mission will be to accurately scope out the opportunities on offer, and investigate the legal formalities which will be involved in such a project.

Due to the staggering incompetence of the current ANC government in South Africa, that country’s currency continues to devaluate, Zimbabwe style, day-by-day. The TAU-South Africa needs help to send its delegate to Hungary—Can you help?

We urgently need just £500 to cover the airfare. Our friends in Hungary will take care of the rest.

Please help us to help the Boers of South Africa now! This could be one of the greatest inter-European co-operation and survival efforts yet seen, and can be historical in its impact!

Make your contribution by using the donate button below. Thank you in advance.


We are happy to announce that due to an overwhelming response, more than the target amount has been achieved. We are therefore no longer taking donations.

In fact, so much has been collected that we have now covered the cost of the flight, the insurance, the car rental, and all other expenses as well, which were going to have to be borne by our Hungarian hosts.

We would like to thank all of you who have donated to this worthwhile cause.

A full update and report with photographs will follow. Thank you once again!  The incredible response has demonstrated two things:

There is great sympathy for the Boer cause all over the world.

There is massive support for the idea of creating a European homeland.

Something big is brewing here, something history-changing.

Thank you for being part of it!

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  1. This is an inspired idea! I have lived in Hungary – the winters are cold, but the hearts of the people are warm, much like the Boereharte I recall from when I used to live in the OFS.

    1. Mr. Ethnic German: The Boer farmers murder count exceeds 3,000 and the deaths are extremely cruel (hatcheted to death), the women raped and hatcheted too (even little girls). They have to be crazy to stay there. They were very effective farmers and would be excellent workers in Hungary. I wish we could bring them to the USA; maybe after the next election. Mugabe is now seeing why the farmers they robbed would be needed in Zimbabwe, but only those with a death wish would enter that country. They would be also extremely effective for Hungary in the face of the oncoming hordes when it warms up this summer; you need to create a powerful defense against this to save your land. Oh, excuse me, my bad…you have Merkel. So sorry, my friend.

      1. I’m from South Africa and of course my family is here moving 500km to Orania was our original plan after someone broke into out house and the police did nothing even though the man had killed someone before but thats already hard enough how do you leave the country? Its a very difficult situation…

  2. Dear Boers,

    If you want to resettle in Hungary because of the terrible conditions and everyday terror you face in South-Africa Europe awaits you. You did hard job on your land, but if the circumstances made you leave, please come to us. I have been to South – Africa 15 years ago I saw the situation there hats off that you can still handle it somehow…

  3. I stay in South Africa and am a Afrikaans boere meisie. I would leave South Africa today with my husband and kids if the opportunity should arise. Immigration is just to costly. White people in SA are being brutally slaughtered one by one. Please join the group Gatvol vir Misdaad and see for yourselves. It’s time we fight back. Thank you all for the donations toward the Boers.

    1. Lucinda, think about coming to Argentina, where theres is available farm land. Many Afrikaans came during the Boer War and settled in Patagonia. Now we have a decent government, supporting farmers and food exports. You should keep this in mind, only a 6 hour flight from SA, not far away. Best wishes for you and your family!

      1. Argentina! What a good idea for Boers to resettle there. Would they be able to get farmland? they are hard workers for sure. And they would enjoy the greatest Tango dancers in the world!

      2. What about white Afrikaners who are not farmers. We are also looking for a safer place. I would love to settle in South America but are over 60 and probably won’t be accepted.

      3. Hi there Alexander. Thank you so much for the reply on my post and the great idea. Problem is most of us (white South Africans – boers) do not have the means to immigrate financially. If I could get a sponsor for me and my family I would do so for sure! My husband is a qualified electrician and runs his own business so if you should hear of any company willing to take him in and help us relocate I will appreciate it tremendously! We have been searching on the web for various opportunities but to no prevail. Take care and keep us all in your prayers please.

        1. Hi everyone in South Africa,

          If you are still reading this, for all of you who are looking to relocate, I would urge you to join LinkedIn and seek to connect with people in Europe. Many would be delighted to help you find jobs, and that way you could immigrate on a work visa. Even if it a stranger on LinkedIn, if you explain your situation, most people really would like to help. I know I really want to.

          Greetings from Finland.

        2. In western hungary we need elektritians and al kind of workers.many people are also working in Austria and live in hungary. The payment is so very good and the living costs are cheap. Boers who want work are wellcome in Hungary! Peter from Hungary

      4. Dear Alexander, how can we get more information on coming to Argentina to farm. My husband and I were vegetable farmers in South Africa, and would like to start elsewhere with our 2 children. I appreciate any information you can assist with.

  4. What happens to the rest of us white South Africans trying to defend ourselves from this racist onslaught against our minority.

    There is more to this than just farmers, we assure you. The future of white western civilization is at stake here, in Europe as well. Something bigger is coming.

  5. I dont do credit cards (I am sure many others as well) but will do an EFT.
    Please provide bank details
    Good luck

    Thank you, but we have achieved our target.

  6. I’m from SA and I can tell you our boers are top notch. They will do a great job wherever they are located. Very nice, friendly and decent people too.

    It’s very sad what has become of this country – stolen by people who really have no right to it.

  7. Aftetnoon …would u please share more information about the organization what does this oetition and gathering the donation….i want to donate but want to make it sure is not scam.

    Thank you, but we have achieved our target. A complete report will follow in due course.

  8. Hello
    It makes me sick to see what the ANC is doing to the Afrikaner people in South Africa I was really lucky to have moved out of SA ten years ago. i hope the donation helps .
    Rhino Roofing

  9. I can remember all the anti-apartheid BS of the 1980s/1990s! Fact is the Boers are the canary in the gold mine of Caucasian civilization telling us what the Muslims and those who are anti-white/anti-Caucasian culture really want to do to us all who don’t fit in! I supported South Africa’s Caucasian government back then and argued that if the continent of Africa was so black run, why couldn’t the white people who did more with it have a small part of it?
    The interesting thing about South Africa is the anti-Communist black tribes who are Christian get the same thing too! The Zulus who are one of the few black tribes who can claim original settlement of the South African territory can’t have local autonomy under the ANC now any more than the Muslims will tolerate the Christian Ibu who courageously tried to establish Beafra as a nation get their daughters kidnapped and raped now too so it isn’t just a race issue!

  10. I made a small contribution. I wish I could do more. I have family that were farmers in South Africa. So I know about the terrible ordeal Boers go through. I believe all European countries should help any white South African that wanted to return to Europe.

  11. i wish i could donate 500£ for every farmer wanting to go and see Hungary. I am not a farm girl but also just another struggling white South African…My grand parents were farmers… I’ll rather just stop there. Please if you are able then donate,even if it is just 10£.

  12. I have a question. we are going to pay someone to let the Boere leave this country, and if by any small miracle this happens, what are we as South African left with, who is going to farm this land.
    I know they are being murdered, I had a uncle that was killed on his farm. but if they leave it makes it even worse, and then the government will see this as a win for them.
    I don’t know Boere to run and hide, they are people that fight.
    and then the rest of us South Africans that want to make this country work are left with a torn heritage.
    I might upset a lot of people right now, and that is not what I want to achieve.
    if I am being selfish please forgive me….I just think that there should be other possibilities…

  13. Goeie dag.

    Hoe gemaak om ook deel te wees om te emmigreer? Dit raak werklik onuithoudbaar.

    U vraag is een van die kwessies wat tydens hierdie besoek aangespreek sal word. ‘n Volledige verslag sal volg.

    1. I am asking the same question. Will there be opportunities for non-farmers?

      Hello. We will be investigating this aspect in full. Stay tuned for updates.

  14. The number of farm murders, their frequency and the vast area over which this is taking place, are evidence that there is a well-managed and funded orginisation behind this. The international community needs to know that these are not random killings or only race-motivated crimes: this is an ANC approved and supported genocide. Thse are crimes agains humanity, fo which the ANC regime needs to be held accountable and by tried and judges in The Hague.

  15. I will donate the entire $700.00. I just need to know more about your organization, the delegate, and the prospects of success. Is there already dialogue between the parties or is this just a shot in the dark, so to speak?

    I want to help.



    Hello. Thank you for the offer. We have however already achieved our target. A full report on the proceedings and visit will follow in due course.

    1. Thank you. I look forward to updates. I don’t know enough about your organization quite yet. I was referred here from the comment section of another website. I want to help. My heart breaks for the plight of poor, white South Africans. I want to help, but I also want to make sure that I am donating to the right charity.

  16. Hello,

    Please send me information so i can make a donation straight to your bank account, the paypal method doesn’t really work here.

    Greets Roy

    Thank you, but we have achieved our target.

  17. I hope to bring my family to me in Europe. But I will also support any movement to a better life for South Africans. Not even the police is safe in SA. I will donate.

    I will also distribute the message. Why has the UN done nothing yet? It was laid down by the Freedom Front. And America approved it……. why is nothing happening.

    My wife and I were also victims of violent criminals in SA that is why we left. I wish to bring everyone here, no one deserves it.

  18. As an Afrikaner I am touched by the overwhelming response. I thought no one cared about us. God bless everyone who’s a part of this and contributed to the cause.

    1. What a wonderful thing, it makes me, a South African, so happy that the world does care about us. Thank you . I hope and Pray that everything will work out.

  19. Thank you ….. for caring about us South Africans and trying to help …. and to everyone else who has helped with monetary and with their compassionate comments.. It means a lot.

  20. I am a citizen of The Netherlands. Like many EU-member countries, mine is overwhelmed by non-European migranst and islamisation. In 1984 I won 135.000 votes for the anti-immigration Centrumpartij. In 1989 (!!) I worked at UNISA to set up a center for East-Asian Studies, but because of the regime change and my white skin colour I was dismissed and had to return to The Hague=Den Haag. I have endeavoured upon a new political carreer by initiating the Nederlands Blok party, but in vain. I am an admirer of both the boer courage and performances and the courage and ideology of the Hungarian government in its identary struggle against the EU. My Dutch language is very close to Afrikaans, which I understand and shall be able to speak fluently again after some weeks, which I cannot promiss regarding the Manyar language….But it is worth the effort and I look forward to any suggestion as to in what way I can be of any help to this brave project.

    1. I think countries like the Netherlands, Britain and France – which are responsible for us being here – should own up and lend a helping hand.

  21. Dear white Afrikaners, please consider migration to Poland. Especially the farmers, might be interested in living in the east part of our country. There are large non-industrial, pure areas with good soils. People are friendly. And the land is quite cheap (for European standards).
    We don’t have any non-white immigration yet, and really don’t want them here. We accepted about 1 mln Ukrainians (since the beggining of the Ukraine/Russia conflict).
    And you also are very welcomed.

  22. Like many other people in Poland, I’m deeply moved by your plight. I think that while your represetative visits Hungary, it would be a shame not to come and talk to the Polish new, right-wing, conservative government. Although we refuse to accept economic Muslim migrants from the Middle East or northern Africa, we are always open to people in real need, especially those who share our walues: Christianity and hard work. There is a lot of farming land here lying unfarmed, and while you may not be able to buy it innitially, a longterm rental and eventual purchase should be no problem. Also, a lot of other professional oportunities are available. I’m very serious in what I’m saying right now; please, contact me and I’ll try to help. God bless you!

    1. Hallo Anna,

      I am 62yrs old but still working and healthy. My son is 40 and an electrical assistant and I do accounting. We are desperately seeking to leave SA and start anew in a friendly non-racial country. Unfortunately the costs are to high for us, especially in light of the devaluation of our ZAR. Any suggestions to what we could do?

    2. Dear Anna and all other kind people commenting here: Thank you very much for your compassion!
      My question is also about white non-farming Afrikaners. My husband and I both hold P.hD’s in Linguistics, our eldest daughter a Master’s in Fine Arts, our son is a diesel mechanic. We would also like to leave before we are tortured, raped and murdered, but although we are younger than 65, we are too old to immigrate and find work. How can people like is, who can and will work hard in a new country, be helped?
      Best wishes

    3. Dear Anna

      Out of all the letters streaming in from all over the world about the situation in South Africa, I have chosen to wright to you. The world knows what we have to endeavor. Not all of us have formal education, but have excelled in skills and are highly talented. I am highly creative and through courses etc established myself as a interior designer. The question that I have for you is whether there would be opportunities in in Poland? How much further will you extend your wonderful invite to assist us to start living again, not having this treat every day of our lives that tonight we might be killed. We live in fear in South Africa. It has become unbearable. I am also Afrikaans by culture and language. Please should you ever want to do so, please look me up on Face Book under Eugene Theron or our Face Book page under De Zolder. Best of wishes from South Africa. Thank you so much for caring and keeping our situation so close to heart. My eyes are filled with tears reading these letters. We as whites have worked so hard to built this all up.

      Kind Regards

  23. Try to get in touch with Poland maybe?
    Maybe you could settle in there? Bureaucracy is a bit crazy but there is a lot of land and experienced Farmers should be welcomed.

  24. Dear Afrikaner people, at the same time while visiting Hungary you should also send a delegation to Poland in case of considering moving to Poland. Seriously, present your situation to polish governors, especially to the right-wingers. There is no time to loose. Benedicat vos Omnipotens Deus!

    1. Exactly. Many Dutch farmers started new live in Poland. So you can do the same.
      By the way, some Polish voluntiers fought in Boer wars as Witold Scibor-Rylski, Dionizy Szukalski. Another Leo Pokrowsky has died atacking British garrison in Utrecht.

  25. It sounds like fantastic idea! We’ve got o long tradtion of settlers from germany („Bauernkultur”) and netherlands (Olędrzy).
    You are welcome!

  26. Well, if this does not work with Hungary then please consider moving to Poland. I’ve got family living in west part of country (near Gorzów) and there is a lot of unoccupied farms overe there. Literaly the whole villages are empty because a lot of people moved to cities in recent years. It should be pretty easy to settle here. Welcome and let the God bless you.

  27. Gyertek csak, várunk szeretettel.

    We have a lot of untilled lands on the Alföld plain, so…just come here. Everybody will be happy.

    Good Luck for the plans, from Hungary.

  28. I have been supporting this to the ends of earth. White South Africans are asked to leave numerous occasions on National T.V from the President of South Africa and the ANC youth league / new leader of EFF. They were on BBC to promote their tragedy and sad the “just want 51% of white belonging / land and companies as whites exploited blacks for far too long” they further said they want it for free as the blacks would otherwise not afford it.
    It also been said the blacks of South Africa is using blame game “racism” as a football to a game to gain free gains as they otherwise do not want to work for it, Apartheid had been over for 25 years and yet racism ins growing in the black communities of South Africa, not declining, this had been proven and might be due to black government not delivering on their promises of free things for the blacks.

    White people in South Africa had been asked to leave, they are not welcome in Europe as many white South Africans applications had been turned down, Europe also said we white people in South Africa would have to fill in the same paperwork as anyone else that want to migrate there.

    Africa for blacks, East for Indians and Chinese, white countries for everyone. No one ever came to the assistance of Zimbabwe, nor was genocide called for while whites were reduced in the country from 300 000 to 30 000 in Zimbabwe.

    The world is so afraid of racism or being ladled racists they will allow their own white people to die to proof a point.

    Helping a white person might be considered racist.

  29. Witam jeśli ktoś z was rozumie język polski to niech odpisze. U nas też można żyć i nie ma czarnych!!! Zapraszam do Polski. Niech dobry Bóg wam błogosławi!!! A i ziemia się znajdzie. Hello if any of you understand Polish let them write off. You too can live and there are no black !!! You are welcome to Poland. May the good Lord bless you !!! A and earth to find. Hallo, wenn jemand von euch verstehen polnischen lassen Sie sie abschreiben. Sie können zu leben, und es gibt kein Schwarz !!! Fühlen Sie sich frei, um zu polieren. Möge der gute Herr segne euch !!! A und der Erde zu finden.

  30. Please help my people. I tried here in Canada, but unfortunately they are not interested in helping the “white people” from South Africa.
    My parents and brothers are there; as well as the rest of my family. Every single day I fear for their lives as almost everyone has been either assaulted; raped; hijacked; homes being broke into and seriously injured.

  31. My heart aches when I hear all these horror stories of the boers in South Africa.

    At the same time I am also heart broken and worried about the invasion of Europe by the muslims. Europe is deliberately being destroyed by this forced and sponsored immigration and forced settlement and all this under the disguise of human rights. What a disgusting hypocrisy!
    When in reality it is Cultural Marxism at its boom!

    The Boers are more than welcome to Hungary, it would be a blessing for our country to have you all here. I am just afraid, right now Europe at the brink of a 3rd World War, is not the continent to go to, rather the continent to escape from!

    I know how the people were crying, worrying, and suffering in the villages here as well during the invasion,( which has been going on practically the whole year of 2015) when nearly 10 thousand (!!!!!) arabs / day were marching through our villages!!! Leaving incredible trash, and other human disposal behind, destroying farming land where they were marching, serving themselves in other people’s garden, kitchen…
    Every day horror stories were seen about what people had to endore in those villages! People didn’t even dare to go to work, didn’t allow the children to school alone, couldn’t go by public transport etc… simply because of the massive invasion!!!!

    There were people who by the time they arrived home, had more than 70 arabs sitting in their garden and serving themselves in their home!!!! But that part of the story is not shown in the European left media, because that might provoke the public!

    Even in the city, there were cases when people didn’t dare to go home, because the entire building and its stairways was full with arabs who simply occupied the building!!The poor “refugees”!

    The war has already begun, and Europe is in denial and against its own people! It is genocide against the white christian civilisation, and anyone that doesn”t see it, is either incredibly naiv or dillusional.

    Right now it is quiet in Hungary, but the question is, how long will this peace last???? Because the devils in Brussel and especially their advocate Angela Merkel plans to bring in minimum 1 million arab each year!!

    And look at what’s being done to the white willages in Netherlands, Germany, Finnland, Sweden etc…Every day there are demonstrations and huge protests! There are willages in Holland where the population of 100 people had to “welcome” more than 1000 blacks and arabs!!!! Who do you think will adjust to whom???? The 1000 black to the 100 old white dutch????? Hardly!!!

    Europe is being invaded by barbarian muslims, who as a thank for the food, water, shelter, money, housing, schooling, and opportunity for a better life, insult and rape women, demand sharia courts, preach hate against the “unbelievers” and build out the caliphate. And the really really “greatful” ones even shoot down and blow people up in cafes, and concert halls, or stab women in shelters. Yeh, they are the true “blessing” for human civilisation.

    And the most sad thing is, that the plans for 3 World Wars were already made loong itme ago, in 1871 by Albert Pike and others, 2 of which already did happen! And the route for the 3rd is being executed as planned.
    And who suffered the most during those times???The people in Europe!

    So the Boers running away from one nightmare, do they really wanna flee to the other in Europe ??? Now???
    Even many Europeans wanna flee from here!
    Question is, where to?? Is there still a place on this planet where madness is not prevailing?

    As said before, Boers are more than warmly welcomed here, but please consider whether moving to Europe these days is a smart choice.

    May God bring better times for all of us, and peace and happiness to everyone!

    1. HI NOra, I agree with you. I have some good ideas to help. Do you have some email to contact you? Or if how can I send you some message? NOt Facebook, not twitter.

  32. This is the best refugee idea I’ve ever heard. Boers are welcomed in Hungary. Organize it!
    Who wouldn’t want the best farmers on earth?
    Fantastic idea!

  33. Greetings from Hungary, but where is the donate button?

    Thank you for the offer, but more than enough was raised to complete the delegation, so the donate button was removed.

  34. I hope you can relocate to Hungary, to my native country.
    There are some forces (mostly nonprofit organizations paid by George Soros and similar crooks) that want the islamist and black invasion of Hungary – but hopefully the Hungarian government will be on your side. I hope it for you.
    Good luck and God bless you.

  35. Come to Bosnia, there is a plenty of space and plenty of arable land unused left by the local people who relocated to cities after the war.

  36. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to my country! I am sure that many Hungarians think the same way. Knock on the Hungarian Government’s door and do not give up. Try to get into the television like http://www.echotv.hu/ and explain your sufferings. People here do not know much about the tragedy you are going through.. I am sorry to say this but you have to do a marketing work (propaganda) to let Hungarians know you and talk about you.

    Email me if you need help to accommodate your delegation or if you need transport in Hungary etc.

    God bless you.

    1. Good idea with the TV. The media should show more of the truth about the situation in South Africa. Nearly no one knows about the racist murders and about the plight of the Boers. Or about the real history of the country, by the way.
      Most of the people only heard about the apartheid and think that Mandela was a kind of great hero. They do not know about the necklace murders or the bombs… or that there are bad things going on right now.
      They have been fed mostly lies the whole time.

  37. Hi. I am Hungarian lawyer, near the lake Balaton.
    If You need any help, please, contact me, without thinking about money!
    For the first time, we’ve got to many cheap houses (about 5.000,- / 10.000,- Euro) in the lying around villages.
    I know, that it would be better any bigger land, but for the first step?!
    I’ve got Dutch contact too, near here, who were coming from the Netherlands to Hungary in 5 years!

  38. I can’t find the donation button. There’s also a lot of abandoned farms in Croatia, somebody should check in with Croatian government.

  39. I live in Hungary when the delegation come to Hungary i can give a room And help to contact. When You neked This help Contact me.

  40. Would like to know more of outcome for Boers; they have needed help for a long time since the takeover of the bolsheviks. they need to leave ASAP: remember how many people died under bolshevism in Russia, China and Pol Pot. Let us know what we can do. Also, where in South America is open for resettlement of whites.

  41. Dear Boers, Why not settle in North East Germany. There are Dutch settlers, too, good infrastructure for rural area, a net coast as well as other right minded settlers. All the best to you.

  42. I agree it is a tragedy. The main thing is to change the tide will take lots of work. Boers, Dutch, English, Europeans will need to have much larger families like they did one hundred years ago with 8 to 12 children. Also many more weapons, rifles, pistols etc should be shipped free of charge to the Afrikaans farmers and Boers. Additionally the EU and or NATO may need to deploy troops to SA for around 30 years until this is stopped

  43. This fills me with disgust. I will make this a priority cause to support with what ever little I can, together with animal rights.
    The world needs to open it´s eyes to the South African tragedy. What the heck happened …?

  44. Thank you so very much for opening your hearts and arms to our white farmers here in South Africa. To tell you the truth, I would be very scared to visit at a farm and stay overnight. So many terrible deaths of farmers in South Africa goes unreported, if something is the media, it is small and not given fair viewing to not give it much attention. Our farmers are hard working and their lives are on the line each and every day.

    Unfortunately it is not only the farmers that are targeted, Some political parties such as the ANC ad EFF don’t want any white person to ne in high ranking jobs, let alone own businesses.

    I have been in my Government home for 21 years already, but Human Settlements have taken over from Western Cape Housing. Slowly we all have been told that we have to sign new leases with stricter limitations, some is for the better but some are hard to abide to. Now they have sent letters alphabetically saying that they are giving the tenants 6 months to find other accomodation or they must find a job that gives a salary higher than R3500 per month. If not the tenants have to leave the premises.

    When we moved into our homes many years ago if was for the people with very low income or no income at all. We paid the mininum rent of only R100 or 25% of what income we recieved. Now they are saying we have to have an income of R3500pm which would make our rent R875. But they are allowing those who have good jobs to stay as the rent becomes more.

    What is going to happen to us, we that only get a disability grant of R1500pm. We do not qualify to stay. What about those that are older and us that can no longer work due to medicàl issues. They say we must find somewhere else to stay. We have no other place to go too, no family that could help us. Many have young children, they cannot live on the streets with their kids.

    It seems that our government wants to strip us whites to have no dignity. We dont have the money to jump on a plane and live in another country and start all over again.

    I never caused problems or fought in the streets or gotten drunk and caused problems with my neighbours. I always considered them by not having the tv or radio on loudly. I together with my son who is half Japanese has never met his father and never knew grandparents, aunties and uncles. I raised him on my own. There was never a boyfriend that could be like a substitute father. Not even in the church.

    With the way things are looking, we have a very bleak future ahead.

    Thank you for reading and if possible keep us in prayer.

    May God Almighty bless you and your countries in ways that will make sense to you all. Thank you for helping our farmers.

    Take care

  45. I stay in South Africa and am a Afrikaans man. I would leave South Africa today with my wife and kids if the opportunity should arise. Immigration is just to costly. White people in SA are being brutally slaughtered one by one. Please join the group Gatvol vir Misdaad and see for yourselves. It’s time we fight back. Thank you

    1. Dear Devon, Ina, everyone,

      We in Finland want to help you. It would be great to find a way to connect somehow. Maybe on LinkedIn, so we could help you find jobs that would enable you to immigrate on a work visa? We would certainly seek to help with raising financing, dealing with bureaucracy etc. Everyone here speaks fluent English, so language is not a problem.

      Please let me know how I could contact you and I will certainly do my best to help!

      1. Hi Ilona,
        My son and I have been looking at Finland as a possibility. My problem is that I am 62 yrs old and thus not desirable for the work market although I am very healthy. My son is single, 40 yrs old and healthy. We are both hard workers. My e.mail address is inachatwind@gmail.com and I am also on LinkedIn under the name Ina Chatwind. We will really appreciate any assistance we can get.

        Appreciatively yours,
        Ina Chatwind

    2. Devon,

      We as a family left in 2003 as we could see what was coming.
      Don’t count on the socialist EU to assist, as they have another agenda under the control of the NWO. Third world people are moving from Africa and the ME into a complete shambles called the EU.
      I agree it’s time to fight back. We are watching what is going on with the communist ANC regime.
      Hoping Trump will sort out the mess that we are now facing.
      Signed a White Patriot.

  46. Please, come to Hungary! There are many areas, especially Alföld, in need of the
    hard-working, honorable, white-christian Boer’s,to re-populate these many places!
    There are Western-Europeans emigrating to Hungary, escaping the dangerous
    multi-cultural cesspool, that is engulfing the West. Keep after the Hungarian Govern-
    ment, bureaucrats are sometime somewhat slow, but a good man, with “backbone”
    is at the “helm”! God bless and help you Dear-People!

    1. I wish that was true. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult and much too expensive for the average South African to get a visa to move to one of the EU countries. I know, as my daughters partner is going through this now (in Spain). 8 months later and he is still having to run from one department to the next, paying lawyers and accountants and translators… luckily I am German and although my daughter was born in South Africa, she has a German passport, so she has no problems being here.

      Only the lucky ones with EU passports can come here, and even then it is a struggle, as the currency (Rand) is now so devalued, that for most people it is difficult to start a whole new life in a foreign country. I arrived back in Germany after being in South Africa for 39 year, basically my whole life, and it has been a struggle, at my age starting with nothing is really hard!

  47. Hello! Any feedback on the delegation’s visit to Hungary. The murder rate has escalated to one (at least)white person killed per day on average during February 2017. Members of parlement earlier this week shouted in parliament that whites should be buried alive. They laughted and giggled and chated amongst themselves when member of the freefom front party tried to discuss the atrocities in parlement.
    Time is running out for white people in South Africa…

  48. Dear people of Europe,

    I am very touched by your responses here – we, the Afrikaner people have felt much abandoned by the world after we finally decided to dismantle apartheid in the interest of common christian values and offer the blacks a chance at our way of life in order to also uplift them. But we know that it starts with hard work and civilized decency towards all human beings, and the many things that we have achieved before to make South Africa different to the rest of Africa is a great testimony to this.

    Even during apartheid years, and in spite of accusations to the contrary, many schools and clinics, hospitals were built specifically for use by blacks and to assist them with basic education and healthcare needs. although this was not always adequate for the numbers we faced, Due to the large differences in cultural backgrounds and such things as irresponsible parenting, their numbers increased uncontrollably, with many flocking to our cities in search of work and with no knowledge of their forefather’s own historic migration habits from areas outside of South Africa.

    Although Nelson Mandela was justifiably imprisoned for acts of terrorism, his eventual release as an act of good faith and conciliatory tone and message was seen by the majority of South Africans (both white and black) as a new beginning to a united “rainbow” nation, but sadly that has not transpired beyond his death. Instead of building on the achievements of before, we have seen a systematic relentless depreciation of all values and norms we upheld, a reckless breakdown of infrastructure and an escalation of violent and barbaric attacks, exacerbated by under-qualified and inept subsequent governments prone to corruption and abuse even towards their own people.

    In addition. the continual disinformation tactics to keep their and other similar political parties power base among the poor, has just succeeded to incite more to acts of xenophobia and anti-colonialism, and the sense of entitlement, “to take back what whites stole from us”, has reached ridiculous proportions.

    We see, almost daily, protests and marches for higher wages, free education or healthcare, housing promises and they are always accompanied by random acts of destruction and burning of facilities to impress their point, just as their forefathers burnt the schools and clinics built for them during apartheid. There is no tolerance for free enterprise to improve standards, and even pass thresholds at schools are continually lowered to provide a “false” level of educated students to enter the economy.

    It would seem the notion that “all must suffer equally” enjoys far more support than the pillars of hard work, dedication and foresight for the future that any successful progress has to be built upon, and makes a mockery of our so-called democracy. Judging by your many referrals to the migrants crisis in Europe, I can see you have a better idea of exactly what we face on the other end of Africa, certainly much more so than the generations of 20 or 30 years ago.

    I wish to thank and commend you for your contributions and encouragement towards the plight of the South African Afrikaner people, and in particular the many farmers that constitute the backbone of our “Boerevolk” (Boer nation). May I ask that you continue this work by making our plight known to the many unaware.

    Thank you!

  49. Dear Nova Europa Project! Dear Boer friends!

    I’ve read with horror what happens in recent years with so many Boer farmers in South Africa. Hungary would welcome to You all, when You could move to here. An overall, Hungarian people like Anglo-Saxon nations and their white culture. In this country live many German and Dutch people, who continuously move to here from Western Europe since 2015, when started the migrant crisis. Well, they became the real refugees.

    In Middle Europe, there are a lot of Bavarian-German descendants from previous centuries, who became a large national minority. However, it was obligatory taught German or English as a foreign language in the Middle East European schools. As I know, Boers are in relationship with Anglo-Saxon nations, mostly for example with Dutch people; therefore Hungary could be their new home too.

    Boers could contact with Dutch people living here, and could inform about this life here. I would like to help Boers, but I haven’t any connection with Dutch people (who are living here) and Boer-support organizations yet. Nonetheless, I can recommend for You just a family house.

    Our family has a great property in a quiet town with agricultural character, which is for sale. I have a detailed description in English and German language with many photos, which I could send the interested Boer people by this email address:

    k.janos.432.st@gmail.com .

    I could help for one or two Boer families by selling of our two generations real estate. Although, for us there is never mind, who would buy our house, but(!) we offer this property by Christian duty first time for the Boers, whose life is in serious danger and they are now in urgent need.

    I’m going to write some comments also on other posts of this website and another Boer affiliation sites, then I’ll wait for the inquiring messages in e-mail, after the contact even by telephone or Skype. /In case of serious intent, everything will be only a question of detail. The surrounding settlements have a few lawyers and attorneys, who speak English, German, or even Dutch./

    So, if You are interested in this, please send me an e-mail according to the above.
    Glory to the people of goodwill! God protect the Boers!

    Tompa town (30 km West from Ásotthalom town),

    Hungary, 06.11.2017.

  50. Is their anyway for a family who want to go over seas to get help or get jobs their…we are looking at all possibilities as things here are getting worse…moving to another country is quite challenging because of money and of course you don’t know anyone and that makes moving difficult also most Boers I know are to proud to leave and will feel as if they are being cowards.

  51. Hello all,
    My name is Tomasz, I`m from Poland.
    I remember from the school that the SAAF (South African Air Force) gave Poland great help during the Warsaw Uprising in World War II. Air raids to Warsaw were one of the most dangerous during that war. I read also a nice book Neil Orpen – For help in Warsaw.
    When I realized how difficult the situation is at the moment in South Africa, I will try to help somehow.
    These brave SAAF airmen are also our Polish heroes.

    There is a huge demand in Poland in the following areas:
    Construction (carpenters, plumbers, electricians, engineers, general labourers, road workers)
    Transport (Truck/Bus drivers, mechanics, warehousemen)
    IT specialists,
    Sales representatives,
    English Teachers,
    Medical (doctors, nurses)
    There are over 1 million of Ukrainian labourers in Poland, and companies still are looking for employees.

    I found some informations about immigration and job offer here in Poland. Offers are mostly in English.

    But you have to know a few things before you decide to move.

    We are a safe country without migrants, but still with a lower standard of living than in Western Europe (except perhaps the largest cities). Earnings are lower than in the Western Europe. Sometimes a language barrier may occur – young people speak well but the older generation does not speak at all. Poland is a rather cold country, the summer lasts 2 or 3 months. But people are friendly and willing to help.
    And what I mentioned at the beginning – we are a safe country, without Blacks, Muslims. And I think that’s the most important thing for White Southern Africans.

    I hope I helped you something.
    If you need help, let me know.

  52. I would like to know if any white South African/s managed to get into Hungary through the generous offers made by the commentators on this website?

    The white population of Hungary is extending an open invitation to we as white South Africans!

    All we need to do is take the 1st step ourselves,be prepared to start over and embrace the hospitality offered to us.

    Thank you to the people of Hungary.

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